Several cases pending at the board

Plusieurs dossiers en suspens au conseil

Many cases with impacts evident on the finances of the City of Gatineau, and that must be the subject of presentations to the city council are still outstanding one month from the study of the budget of 2019.

This is particularly the case with the future regulation on the costs of growth, the adoption of which had been postponed one year because of the floods in the spring of 2017. The latest news, this regulation which will enable the City to start taxing developers to fund some of the municipal infrastructure must be approved this fall for entry-into-force as soon as 2019.

The situation is the same in the case of the plan of revenue diversification. Gatineau could, among other things, impose a tax on parking in the city centre, and on each litre of gasoline sold on its territory. These are tax measures that would help Gatineau to limit to 2.5 % the increase of the property tax as early as 2019.

Decisions must also be made in the record of municipal swimming pools outside that are for the most end-of-life. A report on the issue dating back to 2013 has still not been the subject of a public presentation to the board. Elected officials also want to position themselves on the future of paid parking in the city centre. The authority has the mandate to propose to the council a technology solution that is more contemporary to replace the old parking meters for the next budget. Elected officials are also awaiting information on the site of deployment of the complex future multiglaces. A contract must be given to the private sector for the west of the city this fall.

The thorny issue of the shortage of labour, which particularly affects the department of infrastructure is also in lot of subjects which should engage the council prior to the adoption of the budget of 2019.

Public presentations?

All of these folders will have a budgetary impact is undeniable and could bursts back onto the scene at the time the column of income and expenditure. The press attaché to the mayor of Gatineau, Laurence Gillot, specifies that these folders are contained on a list, which is currently the subject of a joint analysis of the administration and of the executive committee to determine when and how the information will be made available to the elect.

“If there is a budgetary impact, it shall return to the council prior to the budget,” noted Ms. Gillot. It is not yet known what form these presentations will take so that the elected representatives are informed and able to make decisions when the time comes.” Ms. Gillot has not been able to identify if the presentations on the various folders will be made or not in public.



The lack of information on many issues important to the approach to the study of the budget of 2019 is the fear in the councillor Louise Boudrias not have a full picture at his disposal when the time comes to make decisions that will affect the wallet of the taxpayers for years to come.

Councillor Boudrias does not hide its concern over what it calls again the lack of transparency of the administration of mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin.

It affirms that what is experienced currently around the table of the municipal council is a taste of the “new governance” that wants to put up the mayor.

“We are in the process of discovering the new governance of the mayor, lance Ms. Boudrias. It means less public discussion, less access to the mayor and the administration to the media and under public presentations on the part of our officials on pertinent issues. It becomes a concern for transparency.” Ms. Boudrias adds that this new governance which talks about the mayor Pedneaud-Jobin for more than a year must also be the subject of a presentation and a debate in public.

“The mandate is started since one year and none of this has yet been introduced formally,” denounces it.


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