The end is approaching for the home Magee

La fin approche pour la maison Magee

Unless a reversal of the unexpected situation, the house Magee will be demolished before the end of the month of November.

The motion to authorize the demolition of this heritage building has been adopted without debate, on Tuesday morning, at the meeting of the committee of urban planning of the City of Ottawa. The sub-committee of the built heritage was also authorised the demolition last week. The last step is the approval of the city council during the Wednesday session.

According to the councillor of Kitchissippi — where is the house Magee — and a member of the committee of urban planning, Jeff Leiper, the city council will also approve the demolition of the historic building.

“It must be demolished before the 15th of November. If we approach this date and that the owner does not seem able to do so in time, the City will take care of it and will add the charges to his next account of municipal taxes, ” says Mr Leiper.

The home Magee, located at 1119 Wellington street West, was built in 1874 and was designated heritage by the City of Ottawa in 1996. A facade of the building collapsed last July.

A firm of engineers has advised the City of Ottawa, in August last, completely demolished the building, claiming it was fatal.

Lessons to be learned?

According to Jeff Leiper, gaps have been observed at the level of building maintenance has led to this collapse. The elected officials stressed that the City immediately investigated the situation to learn the lessons needed from this failure in the preservation of a historic building that has housed families, before being converted to a bank, in 1942, and then in commerce, in the 1960s.

“One of the main changes is the adoption of an approach that is much more aggressive for the requests for inspection, for staff on the ground to feel comfortable to seek structural assessments. I think you’ll see a more aggressive approach is to require the owners to perform the necessary repairs. “

Beyond increased monitoring of heritage buildings, Mr. Leiper believes that the City should consider an offer of incentives ” to encourage owners to take care of their building “.


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