The first 100 days of Doug Ford

Les 100 premiers jours de Doug Ford

TORONTO — Doug Ford has outlined his first 100 days as premier of Ontario with a rally in the heart of the so-called nation Ford, in the western area of Toronto, where he and his family are made to the policy.

“There are more than one hundred days, we promised to restore accountability and trust in government”, the prime minister said to an enthusiastic crowd on Tuesday night. “And I am proud to say that we have delivered on our promises)”, he added.

Summarizing the achievements of his government, Mr. Ford has praised the cancellation of the program to control vehicle emissions Drive Clean and several projects of solar and wind energy, as well as the introduction of the “buck-a-beer” (the beer to a dollar).

None of this would have been possible without the voters, he said.

“We have an excellent team, an all-star team, Queen’s Park,”-he said. “But we have a team even better outside of Queen’s Park, and it’s people like you – thousands of people in the province who support us.”

Mr. Ford, who formally took the reins on June 30, after having promised to reduce waste in government without cutting jobs or services, was the host of the event at the Woodbine Banquet Hall in his riding, Etobicoke-North.

“We are celebrating our 100 days in power… 100 days, great, we have a lot more to come,” said the prime minister in a video posted on Twitter in order to promote the event.

In the accelerated process

Character polarizing since its period as a city councillor in Toronto, Mr. Ford has been hailed by his supporters as a defender of budgetary restrictions focus on the fulfilment of its promises, and condemned by its opponents as an autocrat regressive willing to ignore the democratic processes to advance its program.

“We have seen the government make decisions serious enough, I think, that have set back our province,” said the leader of the New democratic Party (NDP) Andrea Horwath last week assessing the first months of the term of office of Mr. Ford.

During this period, Mr. Ford has completed or taken action in order to achieve several of its commitments of campaign key, convening the legislature for a rare session of the summer – and in one case, a discussion of night – in order to advance its projects.

Its first steps have included the dismantling of the major policies adopted by the previous liberal government, such as a sex education program modernized and the system of cap-and-trade of emissions rights of greenhouse gas emissions in the province.

Both decisions have provoked strong objections and generated disputes still pending before the courts, critics claiming that the government tramples on the rights of Ontarians.

Meanwhile, the ontario government has launched its own legal battle against the federal government in connection with the plan of Ottawa to impose a carbon pricing to the provinces that do not have their own system within the next year. Mr. Ford has garnered support for his cause from other provinces, sometimes in close alliance with the opposition rather than the prime minister.

The prime minister has recently announced that it would honor its promise to put an end to the planned increase in the minimum wage, and then said that he would drop all the legislation that combined the wage increase with a number of other reforms to the workplace, such as paid sick leave.

Mr. Ford also delivered on its election promise to review the expenditure of the government, establishing a commission of inquiry which concluded that the province was facing a deficit of $ 15 billion. Critics, including the opposition parties, and groups of workers, believe that this gesture of the administration Ford will pave the way for cuts.

However, some of the first actions of the prime minister were not part of its election promises.

In the first head, the controversial project to reduce the council of the city of Toronto from 25 to 47 members at the approach of a municipal election campaign has baffled politicians and voters, and has sparked a legal challenge having initially determined that the law was unconstitutional.


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