Anderson does not complain

Anderson ne se plaint pas

When he kept the goals for the Senators, Brian Elliott had already complained of a “ice too slippery” for a goal scored at the beginning of a period.

It is therefore not too surprising that the keeper of the Philadelphia Flyers was the first of his brotherhood to express his frustration at the decision of the NHL last summer to reduce the size of combinations, chest protector/shoulder pads of the gatekeepers of the circuit so that they are more proportional to their size.

“I’ve already sent a couple of e-mails to Kay Whitmore (vice-president, operations of NHL hockey in charge of the equipment of guards). I have bruises everywhere on arms, this is crazy. I think this is the biggest problem, they removed the padding on the arms. It seems that every shot that you don’t stop that directly with the blocker or glove is going to leave a mark, ” he said this week at the Philadelphia Courier-Post.

“They want the equipment to be moulded to the body, but in doing so, there is no space between you and your equipment, so the puck hits your bone and your skin because there is no cushion. These are shots directly on your arms and I’m not okay with it, ” added Elliott, who has not faced his former club on Wednesday night after being overwhelmed in the back of their 8-2 the previous day at the hands of the San Jose Sharks.

On the side of the Senators, Craig Anderson has not filed a complaint with Whitmore as he has experienced few problems adapting to his new breastplate during the training camp.

“It has not been too bad. The first few days, I’ve found a few places lower, and we have been able to fill these spaces where the puck could sneak. I have communicated with Kay Whitmore. When you expressed reservations, it is usually pretty good to work with the guardians. It may be different for him (Elliott), I don’t know what brand of equipment he carries. Me, I had reservations regarding the protection of certain places on the arms and in the region of the clavicle, but we managed to fix it. With my breastplate of the past year, I felt the washers, and I still feel this year, but it’s okay, ” said Anderson on the Right, who had led Colorado in February 2011 when exchanged… Brian Elliott.

The third guard of the organization, Mike McKenna, has mocked a few of the complaints of Elliott when he wrote on his Twitter account : “It is as if some of the guards had forgotten – or never knew – that a puck can hurt. “

The assistant of Anderson, Mike Condon, has no problem with this part of his equipment, but he believes that it will bring a major adjustment to his leggings. In the early match on Monday, David Pastrnak has torn a lace holding the tip of his leg to his skating pouncing to his cage, which allowed Patrice Bergeron to score on the return.

“In my opinion, it was the very definition of an obstruction at the location of the goalkeeper, but the referee did nothing, wanted to hear “, he told Wednesday morning.

Condon now thinks changing its lace-up system for an innovation launched on the market recently, the smart toe straps with an elastic band and a velcro (used by Anderson). “I’ve just ordered a pair this morning before practice. I had already had a problem with a shoelace during a warming in Montreal, I had to go back to the locker room and people thought I had a gastro, ” he said.


Anderson and This is offer hospitality

The defender Maxime Lajoie has entrusted to the Right on Tuesday that he was likely to move in the veteran Craig Anderson Thursday, and the attacker is 19-year-old Alex Formenton told that he will accept an invitation from Cody Ceci to leave the hotel where he nursery since the beginning of the camp. “The idea is to get them out of the hotel so that they feel a little more at ease, and that they are part of the group a little more. My son is in Florida now, I have room in mass in the basement. It will be able to eat different things than what we find at the Kanata Centrum. I look forward to see if he is a good driver on my simulator racing, ” said Anderson, a maniac of racing cars. Formenton, for its part, appreciates the offer of This. “It’ll be good to leave the hotel and live with a teammate who is willing to take you under his wing. It’s going to be good to eat meals prepared at home, for a change, ” said the pacy striker. Head coach Guy Boucher appreciates the initiative of these veterans that are in addition to Mark Stone, who welcomes Brady Tkachuk. “They did it to themselves, not because we asked them. It is a sign of the unity that is building in the locker room to see veterans take care of the young like this, ” he pointed out.

Dorion optimistic

The gm Pierre Dorion was interviewed by surprise on the radio on TSN 1200 during their broadcast pre-game Wednesday night, and when he was asked what he thought his chances of making to sign new contracts to Mark Stone and Matt Duchene, two key players who could become unrestricted free agents on July 1st next, he first refused to answer, before offering an optimistic note. “With Stone, we cannot speak officially before the 1st of January. For Duchene, we have always had a good relationship with Pat Brisson (agent) and when it will be time to sit down, we’re going to do. These contracts are not traded from one day to the next day, ” he said.

Between the lines

The Senators of Belleville have recalled goalkeeper rookie Filip Gustavsson of Brampton, in the League’s East Coast, before leaving for a trip to Winnipeg on Thursday. Dorion has let us know that Marcus Hogberg had a minor injury and will not travel… former Senator Francis Perron was a good start with his new team, the Barracudas, of San Jose, with two goals and two assists in his first two matches with the club, which has been obtained in the trade involving Erik Karlsson.


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