Broad recall campaign weapon to the RCMP: more than 5,000 pistols to be defective

Vaste campagne de rappel d’armes à la GRC: plus de 5000 pistolets défectueux

MONTREAL – The royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) has sparked a major recall campaign aiming their service weapons, according to internal documents obtained by The Press under the Law on access to information.

The daily reported Wednesday that the RCMP has found itself with more than 5,000 pistols to be defective during the recent years.

Problems crack appeared on the barrels of several weapons, semi-automatic brand Smith & Wesson from 2011. The RCMP has recorded this year, there were two “incidents”.

The failures have accelerated over the following years, up to 25 instances of crack identified in 2016. The RCMP argues that this defect does not present “no risk” for its officers, even if it would have possibly been able to prevent police officers use their weapon in an emergency situation.

The RCMP has nearly 12,000 constables, and some 24 000 pistols Smith & Wesson model 5946 in its arsenal, in service for twenty years.

It took nearly a year of efforts to The Press to get the notes for the former commissioner of the RCMP.


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