Counting in Gaspé: the DGEQ launches an investigation

Dépouillement dans Gaspé: le DGEQ lance une enquête

GASPÉ – The Director general of elections of Quebec to investigate the counting of the vote in the district of Gaspé, where a judicial recount completed yesterday overturned the results. The pq Méganne Perry Mélançon finally wins the victory by 41 votes, so that counting from the 1st October gave the liberal Alexander Boulay winner with 132 votes to advance.

“Each step of the count (…) will be reviewed in order to obtain clarification and to make the appropriate fixes,” says the Director general of elections by way of a press release.

“Questions are raised since the recount held yesterday (…). First and foremost, I intend to get the answers to these questions and, in the light of the facts established, to undertake the necessary action. The integrity of the electoral process is the basis of our electoral system, and requires that we act with rigor and speed, ” said Peter Reid, the director general of elections in Quebec.

By the evening of 1 October, the statement of the polls to the ballot box 61 gave his 194 votes in the liberal. The recount revealed that the box contained rather 79 votes in favour of the liberal, 74 for the pq, 25 for the caquiste Louis called to order and 15 for the solidarity Alexis Dumont Blanket.

The director of the poll in Gaspé, Yvan Landry, believes that it is “not at all” to be a fraud. “It’s a mistake to flat, there has been no wrongdoing,” he said.

The teller of the Parti québécois and the secretary of the liberal Party had correctly counted the ballot papers. “The counting was correct. The error has been made in the transcript on the report,” says Mr. Landry.

The error was detected the evening of October 1st, “but it was too late, the ballot box was sealed,” says Mr. Landry. “I don’t see how they could be cheating, with the presence of the scrutineer of the PQ and the secretary of the QLP. There has been a chain of errors. “

The recount has also cut five votes to the candidate of the parti québecois in a ballot box containing votes cast in a hospital. A few other boxes have revealed errors from a voice in favour of one or the other candidate.

But if we exclude the box 61, this is of minor errors, said Mr. Landry. “If we did this review in all counties, it would be (of errors) “.

More details to come…


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