Elected officials are afraid not to have had the true portrait

Des élus craignent ne pas avoir eu le vrai portrait

Elected officials gatineau residents are concerned that they have not had, in recent years, the reality on the part of senior officials of the City concerning human resources issues at the department of infrastructure.

“If the administration had grievances on the budget for the hiring of human resources, she had to do it, insists the councillor Audrey Office. It cannot recognize that there is a lack of world and to not present a plan to resolve the situation. The administration can’t silence the lack of human resources so that we asked him how to solve our problems of delivery of projects each year at the balance sheet. It is a matter of concern what happened to the service infrastructure. I look forward to the recovery plan that must be submitted. I really have a lot of questions to ask. “

In the edition of the Law on Wednesday, the deputy director-general, André Turgeon, argued that the shortage of skilled labour remained an important issue for the department of infrastructure, but also to the firms that hire the City to achieve the major part of the work on its territory. He also admitted that the imposition of the tax dedicated to the infrastructure of 1 % levied each year was of course to increase the number of projects to achieve, but the skilled personnel to do so had not always followed this growth of responsibilities. He added that “a diagnosis demonstrating that adjustments are necessary” has been realized, but that ” the service did not follow up with the council in recent years “.

The chairman of the board, Daniel Champagne, said “appreciate the candor” of the administration, which acknowledges “not having given all the necessary information” about its challenges of the workforce. “The administration, in its commitment to transparency, has demonstrated that there is indeed a challenge. We were conscious of as elected, but may-be not that it was the magnitude of what is reported in the log. Once that is said, let’s look into the future to meet all the objectives that we gave in terms of infrastructure. “

Despite the admission by his deputy director-general, the mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin ensures, for its part, the administration has always given the true picture of the situation. “It was a problem in the time […] and this is why we have hired people who are now more able to deliver more projects than before,” -he said.

Councillor Louise Boudrias said not to have been reassured by the remarks of the deputy director. She says that she does not doubt the capacity of the service infrastructure to deliver the projects when they are assigned to a municipal engineer, “but the problem is the difficulty to assign all the projects,” she adds, recalling that it is for tens of millions $ of project that are still not assigned to an engineer then they should be at times the past few years.

“If, in addition, the services have not given us the reality of the situation on the ground, it is unacceptable,” she said. It is necessary that the commission be seized of this matter quickly. We taxa citizens each year for works that are not due to a lack of staff. “

When asked whether the shortage of skilled labour is of such a nature as to interfere with the delivery of infrastructure projects in Gatineau mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin a self-admitted unable to respond. “I’m absolutely not able to answer this question-precisely, has he said. All I can say is that the shortage of labor, for the City of Gatineau and the companies, it is one of the great problems of these years. “


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