Gatineau is awarding two major contracts

Gatineau octroie deux importants contrats

Without drum or trumpet, the executive committee adopted, on Wednesday, two contracts of a value of $ 14 million which will be used to launch the great project of the boulevard Saint-Joseph, and on the other, to build the future of the park’s pavilions des C├Ędres in Aylmer.

It is a firm of Victoriaville, Companies GNP, which won the contract of $ 8 million for the redevelopment of St. Joseph boulevard between the rue Dumas and boulevard Montclair.

The work will begin this fall and will continue throughout the spring and allow for the change of municipal infrastructure, underground and paving.

The development of surface on this stretch of the boulevard will be done in a second time and will be the subject of another tender in 2019.

This second contract will include the planting of trees, installation of street furniture, sidewalks, spaces for bicycles, and signage.

A sidewalk, a temporary will be constructed pending the completion of the second phase of the work.

About the park of Cedars, it is a firm of Mirabel, Construction J. Raymond, who will return to build the new pavilion for the sum of $ 5.8 million.

The work should start this fall and end in the winter of 2020.


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