Google is contesting the fine of$ 5 billion of the EU

Google conteste l’amende de 5 milliards$ de l'UE

BRUSSELS — Google has decided to appeal the fine of US $ 5 billion, which was imposed on him this summer by the european Commission.

A spokesman for Google said Wednesday that the company has decided to apply to the Court of the european Union, the second-highest court in the bloc.

The european commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager, had explained this summer that Google had violated european rules requiring mobile phone manufacturers to pre-install apps such as Google Search. She had added that Google had also paid the largest manufacturers to pre-install exclusively the Google Search.

Ms. Vestager said that the companies must compete on the basis of merit; they must comply with the antitrust rules that promote the consumer and the opening of markets; and that they should not hinder the competition.

It was the largest fine ever imposed by the EU in this type of case.

A spokesman for the EU said that the Commission will defend itself in court.

The investigation against Google had been started nearly three years ago. A preliminary decision in August 2016, it was explained that the market share of Google exceeds 90 % in most european countries, and accused the company of abusing this position of strength to dictate terms to manufacturers of phones.

Google was fined € 2.4 billion by June 2017 to support its comparator of purchases at the expense of others.


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