Metered parking and fees growth to come

Parcomètres et frais de croissance à venir

The town council had been clear, a year ago, giving the mandate to the administration of him lay a proposal with more advanced technology to replace the old parking meters in the city centre of Gatineau. The elected officials wanted to be able to rule on this issue in time for the study of the budget of 2019. It is in a month.

Neither the mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin neither the advisor Cédric Tessier have, however, been able to confirm on Wednesday that this will be the case. Mr. Tessier, the clearer of the two, refers to a plan which will be presented to elected officials ” in the coming weeks, coming months “. The mayor added, ” we will communicate when we will be ready to communicate “.

Mr. Tessier stated that the adoption of the technology curve in the management of parking in the city centre could be done after the budget since it does not represent, according to him, budgetary impact.

“It provides a self-funding in the long term, he said. There will be a settlement of debt that we will repay with the income of parking meters. It is a proposal that will be made to the board. “

Costs of growth

The new regulation on the costs of growth which must enter into force in 2019 is another folder that has no impact on the budget, insisted the mayor Pedneaud-Jobin.

“This is money which goes in and who comes out to finance the work very precise,” he says. It does not affect our operating budget and it does not affect our three-year plan of capital works budget (PTI), and [no such income] that are of the work that we do not. “He has expressed a desire for regulations that will not be challengeable before the courts, as was the case with the previous one which forced the city to repay $ 12 million to real estate developers.

“I have no indiction that it will not meet the timeline in the beginning of the year [2019],” he said.


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