The elect of Gatineau in lac-to-shoulder

Les élus de Gatineau en lac-à-l’épaule

The time of the discussions in the white of the eyes approach to the city council of Gatineau. The mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin has confirmed, Wednesday, that a closed pension is currently in preparation to allow the elected officials to agree on some contentious issues, including the introduction of a “new governance” in the City of Gatineau.

The mayor said to be always in search of a date for the holding of this lake-to-shoulder. He has not clarified if this would take place before the study of the budget in November. The chairman of the board, Daniel Champagne, was said to strongly wish that this will happen before 2019.

“Governance is an important issue, said the mayor. If we change the democratic process to which we are accustomed, it is necessary to agree on what we are doing, and what problem it wants to address.”

Mr. Champagne clarified that this will be an opportunity for the elected officials of the drain issues that have drawn increased attention to the council since the beginning of the mandate. “One wonders about the role of the administration, elected officials, commissions, and committees, and their chairmen,” he said. What is it that should be public or behind closed doors? All of that will be on the table, and we will lead to a new governance model for Gatineau. The council will have to adopt it.”

The president of the council reiterated the willingness of the mayor to provide letters of mandate to the chairs of the committees and commissions. “They will be important, said Mr. Champagne. They will define the expectations of the board. I would have liked it to happen more quickly, but it was more complicated than anticipated, for many reasons.”

Councillor Audrey Office is not hiding her apprehension with respect to this new system of governance that wishes to implement the mayor Pedneaud-Jobin. “It already tries to force us to adopt even before she is adopted, she says. There will be a lot of things to say. But it is also necessary to discuss everything that has happened to the infrastructure and it will not be able to wait for the lake-to-shoulder with the mayor. It’s press. The point needs to be made with the elect. It is necessary to give us the diagnosis of what happened quickly because there are problems to solve now.”


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