The forfeiture of a policeman medalist

La déchéance d’un policier médaillé

Jean-Bernard Lajoie has already had a uniform, a badge and even a medal for his police work. It is today found guilty of cocaine with two young women, including a minor, and have used the Centre de renseignements policiers du Québec (CRPQ) to avoid that his double life would be discovered.

Head tilted to the floor, Lajoie, 35 years old, remains prostrate in the prisoner’s box after hearing the guilty verdicts. His parents, sitting in the room, are just as immobile.

Two representatives of the executive of the Fraternity of the police officers are the only agents of the Québec police present. The Brotherhood filed a grievance after the dismissal of Lowry, two weeks after the indictment. The criminal conviction could do to drop the grievance.

After having spent the majority of the procedures in freedom, Jean-Bernard Lajoie is back in prison. He was arrested Sunday with a small quantity of cocaine on him.

This relapse occurs within three months after the end of therapy.

Slow descent

In 2011, Jean-Bernard Lajoie, patroller at the City of Quebec city, had, with his partner, patrol, saved the life of a young man who tried to commit suicide near the marina St-Roch.

Lajoie had rushed to cut the rope, tightening the neck of the unfortunate and had helped pick him in the river.

In may 2013, the minister of public Safety had already awarded him a medal in emphasizing the “rapid response” and “exemplary dedication” of the police officer and his colleague.

Yet, at the same time, the police officer Lajoie is sinking quietly.

Consumer of drugs, he feels he is being monitored. The police will begin to do some research CRPQ to check if his colleagues had his car in sight.

In total, a little less than three years, Lajoie will check 29 times for his own license plate. He took advantage of moments where he is the sole occupant of the patrol car or in an office to open the computer. These checks are contrary to the directives of the police Department of the City of Québec and will lead to a criminal charge.

The policeman will fabule not; his colleagues have spotted at least one occasion. In December 2014, Jean-Bernard Lajoie is observed at the wheel of his parked vehicle in Beauport, talking to another driver. The scenario reminds drug transactions. Lajoie hand as soon as he sees his fellow officers approach. They will confirm that the SUV Porsche suspect was that of Lajoie.

The defense attempted to show that the police officer came to rehearsal at the CRPQ to prevent the system to fall into sleep.

The judge Robert Sansfaçon of the Court of Québec has qualified of “non-plausible” this explanation. The judge was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the police officer Lajoie had committed a breach of trust and unauthorized use of his computer.

Met on a roadblock

Two young women came to testify at the trial to having consumed cocaine offered by Jean-Bernard Lajoie at her condo in Beauport.

One of them was 17 years old when she met the policeman on the roadblock. She had not been drinking, but was unable to provide the records of the vehicle. The policeman Lajoie had decided to let them go, the young driver without a ticket offence.

The policeman tells the young woman via Facebook and the two decide to eat dinner at home together Lajoie.

The young woman testifies to have seen a bag of white powder. She wondered if the police officer does not want him to pass some sort of test to see if it is consuming.

Both consume many lines. Lajoie makes even deliver an additional quantity of drugs.

At the end of the evening, the young woman decides to leave. The policeman protested in read saying that he “had not made it to dinner and given alcohol and drugs for nothing”. She agrees to have a sexual relationship with a police officer.

Even if the cocaine has been given, it remains that the police officer Lajoie is delivered to the traffic, felt the judge Sansfaçon.

Submissions on sentencing will be held at the end of October.


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