The liberals don’t boycott most Normandeau

Les libéraux ne boycottent plus Normandeau

The radio show hosted by Nathalie Normandeau is no longer shunned by the liberal Party of Quebec. The acting chief Pierre Arcand, presented Wednesday at the microphone of the ex-politician, a decision that he describes, however, “personal”.

In an interview on the airwaves of BLVD 102,1, Pierre Arcand, has denied that his party has proceeded to a boycott official issue of Ms. Normandeau for two years. It was rather a “strategy” of communication on the part of the QLP, to choose a location interviews with members of parliament were going to be data.

Ms. Normandeau has called the “great news” the decision of Mr. Arcand, and hope that other liberal members of parliament will accept now his invitations. The interim leader has explained to the facilitator that he took the liberty to come “because I know you for a long time”, while keeping to guarantee the future. “Your presence here reassures me,” replied Ms. Normandeau, who believes that it is Philippe Couillard, who had given the directive to its members not to submit to his microphone.

From August 2016, all the elected members of the national Assembly have boycotted his show because of the criminal charges brought against it. A decision she has never understood and digested.

“My charges were very afraid, no doubt, but I believe the members are obliged to follow the principle of presumption of innocence. I’m known to be innocent until the contrary is proved”, she said in an interview in the Sun.

Already, the ex-leader of the PLQ, Jean Charest had given him an interview a few days before the onset of the election campaign, in August. Then, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, had broken the boycott by presenting it to her with a microphone in the beginning of the campaign.

Ms. Normandeau is hoped that the elected representatives of the other parties represented in the national Assembly will also come to talk politics with it in waves, because it says not to use his mic to plead his case.

For the CAQ, it is not a question of changing your mind. “Our position remains the same,” says Ewan Safe, press secretary of the office of the prime minister-elect. In 2016, François Legault argued that from the moment Ms. Normandeau is accused of corruption, he could not see “how it may have the credibility to question other politicians’. Mr. Legault said he believed that the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC) had “good evidence” against Ms. Normandeau.

Stopped by in 2016, Ms. Normandeau is facing charges of conspiracy, bribery, fraud and breach of trust. His trial is suspended until the end of proceedings in the supreme Court on the sources of the Investigative journalist Marie-Maude Denis.

Ms. Normandeau, who was deputy premier of Quebec under Jean Charest, has left the policy in 2011. She began her career as a radio host in 2015 to the FM93. Returned to this station following his arrest by UPAC, Ms. Normandeau has subsequently found a microphone BLVD.


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