Three new Major citizens

Trois nouveaux Grands citoyens

Michel Prévost, Véronique Rivest, and Nycole Turmel, have been honoured for their achievements and their accomplishments in the community in gatineau on Wednesday night.

The three recipients were awarded the title of Great citizen and a Great citizen by the City of Gatineau in the House of the Citizen ” in the 14th edition of the Order of Gatineau.

Michel Prévost, president of the historical Society of Ottawa for twenty years, and chief archivist of the University of Ottawa for almost 30 years, is notable for its commitment to the heritage of the City of Gatineau. For him, the heritage is some sort of memory of the city.

“The heritage, it is a gift that we have received from generations before us and which one has the duty to transmit it to future generations, he launched following appointment as a member of the Order. I am especially proud, this evening, that we recognize the heritage. “

Although he is now retired from the University of Ottawa, Mr. Prevost says he intends to continue to make known the history of Gatineau.

“I intend to make several visits to the Quartier-of the-Museum as it is a neighbourhood which we have heard a lot, but there’s not a lot of people who have visited “, he explained.

For Véronique Rivest, this is not the heritage, but the wine, which earned him the honour of a Great citizen. Following his second place in the global Contest of the best sommelier in Tokyo in 2013, Ms. Rivest has decided to open his wine bar, Thirst, located on Montcalm street in Gatineau.

To Ms. Rivest, the wine is much more than a simple drink.

“Wine is something that is responsible of cultures, traditions, histories and which allows you to travel, she explained. It makes us discover the work of some people, but also of the regions. The wine that I love is the wine that tastes of where it comes from. “

For its part, Nycole Turmel has left its mark in the community gatineau in several spheres of activities.

Ms. Turmel was the first woman at the head of the public Service Alliance of Canada in 2000. She has also distinguished herself on the political scene when she was succeeded by Jack Layton as interim leader of the New democratic Party of Canada (NDP) in July 2011. Ms. Turmel has held these positions until Thomas Mulcair was elected in march 2012. She has also been a member of parliament for Hull-Aylmer for four years, from 2011 to 2015.

For Ms. Turmel, the most important thing in life is to give themselves the right to dream.

“If you’re not dreaming, you sit and you wait as life goes by, she said. I wanted my children to have a life where justice is important, it was a dream, and I worked for it. “

“Now I want to give to others what I have received,” she added.

With the three new medal, the Order of Gatineau has a total of 41 recipients.


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