A makeover of 35 million

Une cure de jouvence de 35 millions

The visitor centre Roger-Séguin (CARS), of Clarence Creek, has need of an update. Its facilities are not up to the standards of the ministry of Health and long-term care of Ontario. A project of $ 35 million.

Everything is at it again : the rooms, the hallways, the bathrooms… in Short, everything that is part of the structure of the building must be renovated. In February 2010, the CARS has received a document ministry of Health and long-term care, requiring that all accommodation centres, and long-term care in Ontario are improving their physical facilities so that they are classified to class A standards by 2025.

Currently, the CARS is classified at level C. in order To achieve the requirements of level A, the Department has prescribed that the existing facilities of the CARS were to be the subject of major renovations or new construction.

About sixty rooms are better adapted for wheelchairs, with entrances and bathrooms that are larger and new corridors are only some of the modifications that will be made to the CARS.

Of the works that are going to do well, according to the event manager and director of affairs, Joanne Dupuis. “We have a long waiting list, and it will continue to grow with the aging of the population,” she explains, adding that the increase of patients constitutes a ” reason to perform these jobs “.

The construction of the Centre, in 1972, the treatments that were offered were different. The patients residing there were considered to be independent, and most of them have still their car. The CARS is now considered as a residence of long-term care, with a wing reserved for patients with Alzheimer’s. “It was really a single centre, it is renowned for the well-being that it brings to our residents,” praise Ms. Dupuis.

For the latter, raise the necessary funds for the renovations of the centre will be an immense challenge. Ms. Dupuis has only seven years to achieve the objective of the centre, which stands at 10 million. The rest will come from a finance Ministry.

“Up to now, we have managed to raise $ 1.6 million. “

The CARS has already received various donations from community organizations, including a cheque for 10 000 $ des Jardins Bellerive, a sum of $ 1,100 raised during the expo Clarence-Rockland and a field with a value of over a million dollars to support the Lions club of Clarence Creek, among others.

Ms. Dupuis is now focusing on the organization of different events, including a Christmas sale and a Telethon.


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