Formenton victim of a coup sneaky?

Formenton victime d’un coup sournois?

Alex Formenton is injured. A wound to the “upper body” which could force him to miss the next game with the Ottawa Senators.

This is all we know.

According to another information – not confirmed – that flow, Formenton would have suffered this injury during a brawl that broke out in front of the net from the Philadelphia Flyers in the second period Wednesday night.

He would have received a punch sneaky. He would not have had the opportunity to protect themselves.

“Throughout the game, I was under the impression that the Flyers will give heart to joy on Formie “, believes one of its trio partners, Bobby Ryan.

Formenton is a rookie. It is not uncommon to see a rookie suffer the wrath of his opponents, in the NHL. It is almost a rite of passage.

“I had a bit the impression that the Flyers were above the terminals,” says Ryan.

The young veteran has been to the defence of his young team-mate, on the clip. He found himself, somehow, in the heart of the first melee general of the new season.

“I wasn’t trying necessarily to send a message. I just wanted to remind everyone that the kid is 19 years old. He is able to take, but it should still not exaggerate. “

In his press conference after the game, Guy Boucher has said the same thing a little.

“It’s value “, he said, about the injury that comes as a result.

“Alex played his best game, Monday, in Boston. He still makes super good stuff against the Flyers. “

Like all the people who watch the matches, Boucher and Ryan find that the kid is not afraid to get dirty nose. This way of working can easily irritate the opposing players.

“Alex goes in the traffic. He goes back into the pile. It was like that in the past years. It will not change. It’s part of the reasons why we love it. He is not afraid to get involved and pay the price. It is one of its great strengths, ” says Boucher.

Zero point

Formenton has played in Thursday’s fifth game in the NHL. He must still have to pinch ourselves to make sure that it is not a dream.

On Wednesday morning, in the hours prior to the game against the Flyers, he said he was impressed to confront the legends of his sport. “I spent my youth watching Zdeno Chara. It made me funny of the face “, he confessed.

It attracts a little less attention than some other recruits among the Senators. Brady Tkachuk has already scored its first two goals. Maxime Lajoie scored five points in six periods of play at the Centre Canadian Tire.

Formenton, for its part, has not yet managed to register his name on the score sheet.

“Formie waits for his turn. It is on the point of exploding. We try to help and power the most possible. It will eventually get there. It will have a positive impact on the attack of the Senators for a very long time “, said Bobby Ryan.

In the meantime his first point, Formenton is involved otherwise. It is, for example, the fifth attacker of the Senators used the most outnumbered up here.

“He is very skillful in the playing of games. With our new system of play, wingers are called to become more involved. Some veterans, like me, are having difficulty coping. The kid, he has already assimilated all. It comes naturally, ” adds Ryan.

If Formenton is not able to face the Los Angeles Kings, Saturday, Paul Carey could replace it.


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