“It does not make sense”

«Ça n’a pas de bon sens»

Many citizens have demonstrated their discontent vis-à-vis the master plan for development of the park of the Cedars, presented by the City of Gatineau on Thursday evening.

The presented plan includes the construction of a new building — a contract of more than $ 5 million — scheduled for the winter of 2020, as well as the development of a parking area, near John street, where a hundred boats are currently stored.

Over a hundred people made act of presence at the community centre Ernest-Lattion, to come to take knowledge of the project.

“It was done by kindergarten children, it has no logic” has launched a resident of Metcalfe street, Aylmer. Metcalfe street is a residential neighborhood and it’s going to become a main thoroughfare. It’s going to disturb a lot of people. “

The issue of parking has also provoked strong reactions.

“Currently, there are 129 boats in storage and there they want to eliminate 49. Where is it that we are going to put those boats ? In our course ? It doesn’t make sense “, he lamented.

“Transport boats of several tonnes through walking trails, cycling paths and small streets, this is not responsible and this is not secure,” said mark Hallman, owner of a sailboat, and a resident of Aylmer.

Although the majority of the citizens present at the public consultation are said to be in disagreement with the plan submitted, some saw a positive side.

“It is that I find it interesting,’ said a citizen aylmerois. The trail of ice for example, it really is something that can increase the appeal for families and I think it is important to have it in Aylmer. “

“The park of the cedars is in need of a little love, and it is certain that this project can help,” he added.

However, the councillor of the district of Aylmer, Audrey Office, recalled that the plan presented by the City is not the final version.

“This is a preliminary plan and we rely on feedback from citizens to improve it. It will guide our future directions for the continuation of things, ” she mentioned.

An update of the master development plan of the park of the Cedars will be presented to the city council next autumn.


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