Sébastien Proulx believes that it will not cause a discomfort within the QLP

Sébastien Proulx ne croit pas provoquer un malaise au sein du PLQ

QUEBEC — The Quebec liberal Party (QLP) is already thinking to the after-Couillard. The ministers outgoing, have met in Quebec city on Thursday, have begun to position themselves for the next leadership race.

Sébastien Proulx, newly appointed parliamentary leader of the official opposition, has not ruled out the possibility to stand as a leadership candidate.

He has denied benefits for “undue” in relation to others and cause a discomfort within his caucus. As the leader, it will in particular benefit from a team and a budget, as well as great visibility.

“The parliamentary leader, it is true that it is someone who is active in the framework of parliamentary work, but this is not the one who asks all the questions in the national Assembly”, he pleaded, insisting also on the fact that the race was not started.

The custom is for the officers, parliamentarians, the interim leader, the leader, the whip and the caucus chair, did not involve themselves in a leadership race. But for now, no rule prevents Mr. Proulx to run for the leadership of the PLQ.

If he decided to try his luck, the member for Jean-Talon is suggesting that he would resign from his position as house leader at the appropriate time. “Yes, I’m going to govern accordingly”, he meant.

Moreau and Fortin reflection

Sébastien Proulx was not the only one to comment on the next race in the chiefdom, Thursday, in the margins of the last council of ministers headed by Philippe Couillard.

The minister defeated Pierre Moreau, as well as the re-elected deputy in Pontiac, André Fortin, also wet. They could be on the ranks for a successor to Mr. Couillard.

The ex-vice-prime minister, Dominique Anglade, and she has chosen not to open his game. It has, however, made clear that the next leader will have to be “imbued with what is happening at the level of the activist base”.

“It is reflection, it is discussed in family also, to see if it is the best thing for our family,” said Mr. Fortin to courriéristes parliamentarians, adding that people were “very kind with us, say”.

Interviewed in his turn, Mr. Moreau argued that he was “passionate” about politics. “I do not close the door to anything, on the contrary”, he said.

For his part, the outgoing Finance minister, Carlos Leitao, has seemed to exclude from the outset the nomination of Pierre Moreau. He was in favour of a race to the chiefdom featuring young politicians.

“I am of the opinion that the next leader of the liberal Party should be someone of another generation,” he said.

Regardless, the sexagenarian Moreau could be on the starting line. “If it is of the opinion that the outcome of the last election was based on change, this change is best embodied by someone who is older than me”, he started, with a smile. He would invest in the reconstruction of the QLP.

The QLP loses another mp

The ministers in the outgoing are sorry to have lost a third member since the 1st of October.

On Wednesday night, the Parti québécois (PQ) has won his bet and elect Méganne Perry-Mélançon in the district of Gaspé, at the end of a judicial recount.

The liberals, therefore, are increased from 32 elected at 29, after the resignation of the leader Philippe Couillard, the expulsion of the member for Chomedey, Guy Ouellette, and the defeat of their candidate in Gaspé, Alexandre Boulay.

“We believed that Alexander Boulay was the succession plan for our party, one of the prominent figures in the region, said the interim leader of the PLQ, Pierre Arcand. It is sure that it is very disappointing.”

Speaking time of the PQ and QS

Recognizing the multi-party system in Quebec, the liberals have said they want to discuss among themselves and with the other parties in the speaking time given to the PQ and Québec solidaire.

These two parties, who have to elect 10 members each, do not have the official status of a parliamentary group, which makes it possible to obtain valuable research budgets.

Their speaking time will be very limited during the period of questions and for the parliamentary committees, unless the government of the CAQ and the official opposition liberal decide otherwise.

Also Thursday, the council of ministers, the outgoing named Yves Ouellet, secretary general and clerk of the executive Council.

It will post as of 18 October, as desired by the designated prime minister, François Legault.

Mr. Ouellet is currently a member of the board of directors and president-director general of the Société québécoise des infrastructures.


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