The forest Justin Timberlake is coming to Ottawa

La forêt de Justin Timberlake débarque à Ottawa

CRITICAL / From its virtual forest, Justin Timberlake showed the Ottawans of what a fire it was hot, Thursday night.

For the occasion, the ice in the Center, Canadian Tire has been transformed into a décor mid-scene, mid-forest. A bridge stretched between two scenes arranged from one end to the other of the arena, separating into two-the “bar VIP” — we greet the lucky ones who were there. The smaller of the two platforms consisted of three trees and occasional tall grasses, thus recreating the environment sylvester, who is the pride of the popstar.

After the broadcast of a series of successful pop, courtesy of DJ Freestyle Steve, the evening was started between the three trees by Francesco Yates. The young Toronto-based and its three musicians have served a salvo of pop hits sweet. When the singer of 23 years not playing guitar, he shows his talents as a dancer. We can only see the resemblance with the young Timberlake — particularly because of his blond curls abundant, its frills and voice acute, and her big sneakers-white. His delivery is rather efficient, and with Justin Timberlake as a mentor, Yates is definitely the right school to continue its ascent.

Return of the DJ Freestyle Steve. At 21h05, the dish was served. With its six dancers, Justin Timberlake continued a series of hits on choreography set to a quarter turn. No doubt about it, ” JT ” is a beast of dance. As a singer, this is not in this portion of the show, which he has released his talent. Timberlake has concentrated on the dance, by interpreting, sometimes a verse, sometimes a piece of the chorus, and running a few times a “Ottawa !” enthusiastically.

Timberlake has continued so for the first part of his show : more dance than song. Thanks to her background singers, to whom he has passed the greater part of the vocal work. The first of the songs from her most recent album was finally released as the fifth title of the evening. For Man of the Woods, Justin and three of his fellow dancers have trémoussés in the tall grass. All in all, the man of the forest appears to be out of the woods for the most part of his show, so that eight titles of his most recent opus have been played.

A highlight of this first part, Timberlake posed behind a piano for the Señorita. The energy was at its peak then that he seemed to be in perfect symbiosis with his big band and his troupe of singers. The final has been entrusted to its brass section and percussionist, which exchanged flights improvised. It would have taken more of these moments, the few that deviated from the registered versions.

In the middle of the show, the popstar was given a break time to raise a glass with his crowd. “I feel that if I want to be friends with anyone, it would be with the Canadians ! he launched, eye-catching.

“And friends don’t let drinking friends only ! “

On the screens, a series of tableaux have appeared. Of the characters in scenery in rural areas have been projected, accompanied by the narratives interweaving of several stories of love. The return of the lights, Justin and his musicians were sitting around a fire in the forest area of the scene. Now comes the dreaded portion ” camp fire “, which had cooled down the crowds at previous shows. In Ottawa, how would she be received ?

The answer : pretty well, even if some of the spectators have turned their attention. The choristers have taken the lead during a mix is somewhat eclectic songs from the Beatles, John Denver, Fleetwood Mac and Lauryn Hill.

The second part of the show is coming to wake up the fans. The camp-fire extinguished, Justin has taken his guitar to return to a mixture of his known tunes. Less dancing, more singing, this portion certainly has rained.

All in all, the show Man of the Woods has been technologically impressive, choreographed almost to the second, and especially pleasant to the eye.


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