Workers in the sector of cannabis will eventually go to the United States

Les travailleurs du secteur du cannabis pourront finalement aller aux √Čtats-Unis

Canadians who work in the industry of legal cannabis will eventually not sent back automatically to the u.s. border, now specifies the agency of customs and border protection in the United States.

This apparent volte-face will relieve the hundreds of Canadians who are already working in the legal industry of marijuana.

There are a few weeks yet, spokesman for the u.s. agency stated that any person who would admit to legally work in shops or factories of cannabis in Canada could be denied entry into the United States or even be banned for life from this country. The simple fact investing in a business of cannabis could be enough to raise suspicion at the border, suggested it.

But in a notice update on its website this week, the agency now indicates that it will not be sufficient to work in this industry for being denied entry to the United States.

The u.s. agency of customs and border protection now states that”a canadian citizen who works or facilitates the development of the industry, legal marijuana in Canada, and who presents himself at the u.s. border for reasons unrelated to this industry will be generally accepted in the United States.” However, “if a traveller arrives in the United States for a reason related to the marijuana industry, it may be deemed a “prohibited territory””.

The new canadian law on the legalization of recreational marijuana will come into force next Wednesday. But in the United States, the drug remains illegal under federal law, although several States have already legalized cannabis, such as Colorado or Washington. As a general rule, a consumer known to authorities, or a person who has been convicted of drug-related offences in the United States, Canada or elsewhere will be turned away at the u.s. border.

Len Saunders, a Canadian who practises immigration law in the State of Washington, said he is “pleasantly surprised” by the volte-face of american in respect of those who work in the industry of cannabis. When the original notice had been made public in mid-September, the lawyer believed that his two years of lobbying had been in vain. It ignores today which could push the u.s. government to change its mind in the last three weeks.

Me Saunders advises Canadians who work in the industry of cannabis to print this new directive, american and to bring it to the border, just in case. Counsel are reminded, however, that Canadians who are involved directly or indirectly in the industry of cannabis in the United States, even in States where marijuana is legal, can still be prohibited to stay in this country.


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