A party that has turned to murder

Une fête qui a tourné au meurtre

Information that was previously subject to an order of non-publication in a murder case, Maniwaki, can finally be revealed. The Right has learned a little more about the tragic death of Bret James Jerome, a young native man shot dead in the street, in front of his friends, on June 5, 2016.

A chicane between young partygoers tipsy at a party to which some were not welcome, is the background to the trial for the murder of this young man, 18 years of age.

Amik McConini Mitchell, now 24 years old, is undergoing trial for a month, at the courthouse in Gatineau. He is accused of the premeditated murder of Bret James Jerome.

Bret James Jerome, age 18, was shot dead on the rue Cartier, Maniwaki.

The fog dissipates little by little on this drama involving several people from the aboriginal community of Maniwaki and the Kitigan Zibi. In addition to Mr. McConini, two other people are accused. It consists of the brothers Tristan Stevens Gagnon, 21, and Jay Axel Stevens, 24 years old.

The elder pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a sentence of six years in the penitentiary, at the end of the summer. The order of non-publication on the award and the facts relating to Jay Axel Stevens has been lifted when the trial (before a jury) Mr. McConini began.

On June 5, 2016, Tristan Stevens Gagnon has presented at a party, in an apartment of the rue Cartier, Maniwaki. The guests and hosts made it to the door, unhappy with his erratic behavior.

On the way back, the young man has crossed his brother, Jay, Axel Stevens, at the wheel of his car. The younger brother told his misadventure to his older brother.

The idea of returning to the places of the evening in the company of Amik McConini, to settle their accounts.

Armed with a stick, Mr. McConini attempted to intervene in the feast. The group of partiers was able to repel the trio junk. The three young people have turned back, but, taking the direction of the residence of the grand-mother of the Stevens brothers, where a hunting weapon was stored.

Tipsy and frustrated, the three young men are returned on Cartier street. According to the defence, McConini could not understand what was going on, among other things because he was intoxicated by his medication. The engueulades broke out, and Amik McConini has fired shots in the air. One of the partygoers who tried to reason with him was lying on the ground in sign of submission.

According to the Crown, Amik McConini turned toward the small crowd, near the residence. At this time, Bret James Jerome is pulled out of the lot, and headed toward the armed man.

The shooter has to fire two times on the victim, under the horrified eyes of his friends. The shooter attempted to flee. He was quickly caught up by the crowd, and beaten by the victim’s friends.

The group kept the shooter still, waiting for the arrival of the agents of the Sûreté du Québec.


Jay Axel Stevens has pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter, on the 17th of August last. The defense and the prosecution agreed to a sentence of 6 years in prison, for involuntary manslaughter.

In its decision, which The Right has obtained a copy, judge Daniel W. Payette recalled that the young man, the father of the family, had little criminal history, and that he had expressed remorse.

Jay Axel Stevens has mentioned, at the time of pleading guilty, that he was intoxicated on the evening of the drama.

His guilt is related to the fact that he proposed to go pick up the murder weapon at his grand-mother.

For his part, Tristan Stevens Gagnon has pleaded guilty to a chief of criminal negligence causing death, on the 11th of September last. He should know his sentence next winter.


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