A police officer acquitted of driving under the influence

Un policier acquitté de conduite avec les capacités affaiblies

A police officer of the police Department of the City of Gatineau (SPVG) was acquitted in a folder of driving under the influence on Friday afternoon.

The agent in question, Charles Carpentier, was facing a charge of driving a motor vehicle with ability impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Justice Bertrand St-Arnaud made his decision based on the inadmissibility of certain evidence. These items would have been obtained in violation of the Charter of rights and freedoms of the person.

Mr. Carpentier was arrested by his own colleagues of the SPVG on October 15, 2014, to 6 a.m., while he had been involved in a collision with two parked vehicles at the edge of the road, in the Aylmer sector.

On the scene, patrol officers found that the vehicle had sustained minor damage. The collision did not hurt. The SPVG specifies that the agent Carpentier was not in service at the time of the facts.

He was then taken to the police station in order to undergo tests before being released by a summons.

Mr. Carpentier was not repeated in the service four years after his arrest. The result of this finding, the SPVG will proceed with the evaluation of the dossier.


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