Everyone is unhappy

Tout le monde est malheureux

From 17 October to 17 November, the Theatre of the Island will escape the dullness seasonal with “The Blues”, a community production really colorful.

Written in 1981, the play of Denis Bouchard, Rémy Girard, Raymond Legault and Julie Vincent had a huge popular success at its creation. The distribution was then spent more than three years to make laugh the public throughout Quebec.

For the version of the gatineau, the stage director Sasha Dominique had chosen the work among the three options. Having seen The Blues at its wave of success, it is the one in which she kept the best flavor. “I love creating characters,” she explains. Change the voice, how to position itself, the rhythm… and this is it, The Blues. This is the jackpot ; the panoply of characters ! “

That does it from depressing in The Depression ? Not much, should be Sasha Dominique. The comedy, tragico-wacky offers the slice-of-life of approximately 51 characters parading in the moment of a day in a bus terminal. A mosaic of anecdotes, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, which offers portraits of as many curious quidams that we could meet in any public place.

For version gatineau, 51 characters have been reduced to near 40. The roles are portrayed by 10 actors and volunteers, some with little or no experience, who must change his identity and costume several times throughout the piece. The work that began in July, the troop has had nearly four months to fine-tune everything, because of two evenings a week and one Saturday out of two.

Version 2018-ized

Sasha Dominique had fun with this as the community theatre brought to him. The original play takes place in a context québécois ” pure laine “, with the characters all white, all French-speaking, predominantly male. In 2018, the portrait of the company proposed no longer works. The wave of hearings has made a distribution as diverse as the wildlife gatineau. Among the actors, there are people of Russian origin, German, French… And some accents, and plots of texts have been adapted accordingly. “This is it, now, the company ! enthuses the director. Why not take advantage of it ? “

Another adaptation, the play had been written by authors who were often the Montreal-Quebec city by bus. This time, the patchwork of stories has been transposed to the central Station at Ottawa, to give it a local flavor. It seems that accents the franco-ontarians will float in the air of the building (fictitious) of the 265 Catherine street.

The cast includes Konstantin Baibakov, Oliver Baus, Fabienne Breuil, Audrey Bruneau-Berthiaume, Roger Labelle, Claude Laroche, Chantal Leclerc, Luce Legresley, Julie Lockman, and Jean-Paul Tourigny.



What : Piece of community theatre The Blues

When : 17 October to 17 November 2018. From Wednesday to Saturday at 20 h ; Sunday 14 h

Where : Theatre of the Island

Information : gatineau.ca/viebranchee


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