Guillaume Beauregard: the time of all the possible

Guillaume Beauregard: le temps de tous les possibles

Hard to believe, but Guillaume Beauregard has just reached the quarantine. After years of noise and fury in the universe punk-rock, here it is softened, soothed and more free than ever before. It is in this state of mind that it offers, this week, Missing his second solo album.

It took four years to singer-songwriter to the world, after stars, and rain of ashes, which was released in 2014. On it, it takes two years of touring that have bound to be busy. But he admits to having taken his time.

“I don’t tend to hurry in general. I’m not someone who works super fast. I’m a guy quite close and I took the time to think about my business. I question a lot. And I would rather do less and do it better. It has always been my philosophy. “

This minutiae is born album that his team describes as vibrant, because of the emotional power of the texts, driven by ” the pen both sharp and tender which is the signature of Guillaume “. On the first listen, the inclination is to give him reason.

“I’ve been writing for more than a year, and everything is done live in six days. We had musicians awesome and it was a choice to do so spontaneously. We are not looking for perfection, we were looking to go in the same direction all together. All the small pieces were put in place. And I’m extremely happy, ” says one who still has made an appeal to the renowned Gus Van Go and Werner F at the realization.

Staff and committed

Asked to describe the genesis of his new musical offering, Guillaume Beauregard spoke first about writing. Without worry too much about the direction of the texts, the Granbyen of origin has first made to wear it by instinct. “I started to write the music, melodies, and scraps of phrases to the left and to the right. Then, I realized that all the tunes talking about something that disappears in my life or around me. I wanted to exploit this bonanza, continues to Granbyen of origin. Each title speaks of. “

To this came a lovely fantasy. “It came so hyper anecdotal : doing read my texts to a friend, I realized that there was no rhyme in É. I have continued to use the album as well and there isn’t. “

Yes, the lyrics are often marked by sadness and reflection on the world. It will not change the committed artist. “It takes the light to identify the darkness. I go to these areas because, yes, there’s a part of me that loses a little hope. But in life, one is not completely confident, or completely depressed. There is more grey than that. “

And if it is to deliver a pan most intimate part of his life, either. “To make something personal, it does not mean that it is any less committed. When I listen to music, I need to feel that it is embodied and sincere. This is what motivates me when I write. It is sure that it speaks to me ; it is me ! And I’m not ashamed of it. “

Guillaume Beauregard: le temps de tous les possibles

And you have lowered the tone, it was nice ? “I had a saturation of punk-rock one time. Make music otherwise, it is completely another approach at the level of the melodies and textures ; it is different to arrange a tune when it is not in a report super dynamic. I have everything to learn there, but slowly not fast, I learn to write another way, to arrange my songs otherwise, to choose my players according to their influences. “

The music of before

If stars, of rain and ash that had been put away in the box labeled ” folk-rock “, William is reluctant to label his new album. “I have nothing against labels, but I find it reductive. This is not a folk album, it is an album of good music ! That borrows a lot to the 60’s and 70’s”, ” sliding-t-he a smile in the voice.

“I rediscovered music from the thirties. Younger, I had left out a whole musical epoch, that of Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Fleetwood Mac… With maturity, I have developed a passion for this music. I teach through the music I make, ” he says.

Without pressure

One would think that with the success of his original disk, the singer would feel a certain weight to the expectations of everyone. However, it is nothing. “I feel so much less pressure. It was dizzying to release a first solo album… But he has been so well received, having done so many shows, I was very validated. I had more confidence in myself and less fear of all kinds. I feel good and in possession of my means. “

This adventure solo the led far from his comfort zone and allows him to explore at will. In contrast to the dynamics of a group, being alone opens the door to all possible. Guillaume admit : it reinvents itself completely. “I loved being in a group and I would do anything differently, but it is amazing time to take another path, to meet other world. It is a pitch game and I was really having fun ! “

And the Vulgar Stuff ?

As for the fate of the Vulgar Stuff, we dare to inquire, for the umpteenth time. With the prolonged absence of the group and the solo career of Guillaume, who seems to be well in the saddle, one is right to wonder.

“This will never be finished and there will never be a farewell tour, because it has no reason to be done , he says again. It is people who love each other very much and that will probably have want to make music together. It’s just that we saw things separately. There is no pressure. A day will appear an idea, a project, a desire… we Never announce the end of the Vulgar. “

What is certain is that we will be able to see Guillaume Beauregard and Disappearance on tour in Quebec from the beginning of 2019.

The launch of Disappearance will be held this Wednesday, October 10, at the auditorium of The Ministry in Montreal. It will be available in-store and online on the 12 October.


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