2019 healthcare reform: what changes are waiting for the Ukrainians

Медицинская реформа 2019: какие изменения ждут украинцев

In Ukraine only began medical reform, and it affected only the primary level: the Ukrainians signed the Declaration therapists, family doctors or pediatricians. For assigned patients a doctor receives a salary.

How to change medicine for the Ukrainians in 2019, the site podrobnosti.ua decided to find out in details.

Reform the “fast” help

Ambulance assistance will be divided. So, in 2019 it will be an emergency when you need urgent hospitalization, and emergency she will leave when the threat to human life there is no threat to health: focuses chronic illness, increased temperature or pressure.

The reform of emergency medical care designed for 5 years – from 2018 to 2022. Its main result should be to reduce mortality of patients, as ambulances will be there in about 4-8 minutes after the call, not 10-20 minutes as it is now.

According to statistics, today in Ukraine in case of emergency prehospital kills about 70% of patients. Because of the brigade, where only a paramedic and a driver, are unable to implement most of the protocols medical emergency. Abroad, thanks to the skillful and prompt actions of EMTs, this figure is only 10%.

Who will be affected by the reform in the first place

As stated by the government, the first to feel medical reform this residents: Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Odessa, Poltava and Ternopil regions and Kyiv.

What awaits: the state will purchase new vehicles and equipment, increase the salaries of doctors, which pass retraining, MoH also wants to improve the work of dispatchers. For this purpose, the carriages of “fast” will install GPS trackers, dispatchers can send the nearest on-call team. From the state budget will allocate nearly a billion hryvnia.

In parallel going to teach basic medical care to firefighters, rescue workers, police officers, train drivers and train conductors, drivers, coaches, flight attendants, teachers, educators, social workers and conductors of public transport. And in public places – railway stations, bus stops, metro to place defibrillators and hemostatic tourniquets.

Free childbirth

Though Ukraine is officially free birth, like all of medicine, but hospitals are so underfunded that pregnant have to pay for each day of presence in the house.

From personal experience I can say that in Kiev to give birth for free, almost unreal. Even in the Internet you can find hundreds of discussions of how much it costs to give birth in a particular hospital who need to pay.

At the same time, article 49 of the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees free medical care. For refusing to treat or extorting money from the patient’s doctor can put behind bars. Under article 184 of the Criminal code for violation of the right to free medical care is threatened by a fine of 170 UAH for up to six months of arrest.

2019 childbirth are in reality free, promise in the Ministry of health. For each maternity national service will transfer to the hospital money.

Additional services, such as the chamber of the raised comfort or medical manipulations, which are not shown giving birth, may apply. And management of pregnancy and the newborn patronage to the year can carry out the family doctor of the mother at her request.

New patient cards

In 2019, the Ministry of health to run multiple electronic instruments. Ukraine has already launched e-health system, e-Helth, through her doctors and signed Declaration with patients.

Now in Ukraine want to cancel the paper hospital and replace them with electronic. This should minimise fraudulent and corrupt schemes. Until the end of the year, the Ministry promises to introduce electronic sick leave and since 2019 it will work everywhere. To open the hospital, the doctor will need to insert the data into the program. The employer will receive information about the employee who went on sick leave.

Instead of paper cards will be electronic. In them doctors will make all the data about the person’s health and prescribe treatment. So, doctors do not have to study the records of their colleagues, they will be able to immediately obtain the necessary information.

In the electronic format will also be carried over sick leave, prescriptions under the program “Affordable medicine”. If the doctor will prescribe medication that is included in the state program electronic prescription will be given for free.

Медицинская реформа 2019: какие изменения ждут украинцев

Медицинская реформа 2019: какие изменения ждут украинцев

Медицинская реформа 2019: какие изменения ждут украинцев