3 American state legalized cannabis. What’s going on?

Еще 3 американских штата легализовали коноплю. Что происходит?

Marijuana to the masses?

Residents of three more American States voted to legalize marijuana, according to 9News. In the States of Michigan, Missouri and Utah were allowed to use cannabis for medical reasons and for recreational purposes.

So, Michigan became the first state in the Midwest and the 10th state in the US, where it is completely legalized marijuana.

The law on the legalization of cannabis in Michigan was supported by the majority of its inhabitants (and this is considering the fact that in the state reside primarily Republicans and older Americans).

The choice of michigannew obviously influenced by the fact that in neighboring Canada sale of marijuana was legalized in mid-October.

In Missouri, marijuana is allowed to use only for medical purposes. Residents of the state will be able to obtain cannabis on prescription or in hospitals, or grow at home (up to six cannabis plants).

“Thanks to the efforts of patients and advocates, residents of Missouri soon will be able to use marijuana for medical purposes without fear that they it will be treated as criminals,” said Matthew Svich, one of the initiators of the project for the legalization of cannabis.

A similar decision was taken in Utah. This state is considered to be one of the most conservative in the United States. There is still a huge impact on people’s lives is the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, visited by about 60% of the population of Utah.

A few weeks before the vote, the representatives of the Church began an active campaign against the legalization of marijuana in Utah. According to them, this innovation is a first step towards the full legalization of cannabis.

This is contrary to the laws of the Church – its members are forbidden to drink alcohol, coffee, drugs and Smoking tobacco.

The state was able to negotiate with the representatives of the Church: the people of Utah have forbidden to grow marijuana, they can only be obtained through a doctor and only in specialized public institutions.

In North Dakota, the vote on the question of marijuana legalization has failed.

Recall: medical marijuana is frequently used to arrest the symptoms of serious diseases. For example, it helps to get rid of nausea people who undergo chemotherapy, enhances appetite in AIDS patients, and relieves muscle spasms.

Recently legalized in Canada, although many doctors are against.

How do you feel about legalizing marijuana? Whether you want to allow people to use marijuana for medical reasons?

Lazarenko Julia.

Еще 3 американских штата легализовали коноплю. Что происходит?

Еще 3 американских штата легализовали коноплю. Что происходит?

Еще 3 американских штата легализовали коноплю. Что происходит?