A controversy to the other in a CHSLD

D'une controverse à l'autre en CHSLD

Photo: Jean-Sebastien Evrard Agence France-Presse
The minister Barrette has been forced to review the provision of food in NURSING homes.

The four issues that have to react, the population — or the government — over the years.

1. “Potato powder “

They have become the symbol of the conditions of life of the residents of NURSING homes, but also of the consequences of the budget cuts, these “potato powder” served at meals with average costs around two dollars. They have also been the epitome of political pressure, strong enough for the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, reviews, the food CHSLD in the fall of 2016. Still, the abandonment of the bacon, cauliflower or veal in some establishments with tight budgets helped to illustrate the impacts of the budget cuts on vulnerable people, which was worried about the protector of the citizen from the launch of the reform Module, 2014.

2 $

This is the average cost of a meal in a CHSLD.

2. The everyday bath

In 2015 and 2016, the media has unearthed the stories of residents of NURSING homes to turn to a “black market” bathroom or the sociofinancement in order to obtain more than the bath weekly to which they were entitled. It was first defended the method of cleaning the washcloth, the minister Barrette has finally resigned, in 2017, to enable residents who wish to obtain a second bath weekly. Allegations of quotas ” layers “, which would have forced the employees to change the briefs of incontinence only when they are full, have also been refuted by an investigation of the ombudsperson, in 2017.



3. Long waiting times

In September 2017, the ombudsperson, Mary Rinfret, described the lack of places in NURSING homes of ” calling out “, in addition to see an “increase waiting times” and ” a tightening of eligibility criteria “. She lamented the” domino effect ” of this shortage of places, which is notably evidenced by the overuse of resources, the intermediate — contractual — or forced removals of providers. The ministry of Health does not disclose the average time to obtain a place in a CHSLD in 2017-2018, arguing that the information is ” not available “. As of march 31, 2016, 3500 people were waiting for a place in a CHSLD in Quebec.



4. Out of breath

Time limit of six minutes for feeding the patients, local dirty bums, bedsores due to improper care : various employees and residents of NURSING homes have denounced the consequences of the lack of time which claim to have the workers in these residential resources. The collective action filed by the Board for the protection of the sick echoes this, mentioning the “overload” and the exhaustion of the staff of CHSLD, as it has been exposed in the media over the years. In march, before the popular indignation, the minister Barrette has agreed to launch pilot projects aimed at reducing the ratios of nurse-to-patient. In a CHSLD, the goal is to move the ratio — set at 50 to 64 patients per nurse — 25 to 32 patients.