A happy family will not work: 4 of the most brutal men in the zodiac

Счастливой семьи не получится: 4 самых жестоких мужчины по Зодиаку

Some people react to stress and criticism, while others explode at the slightest provocation. Representatives from some Zodiac signs it is better to stay away so as not to ruin your life?


Aries is friendly and open, when in a good mood. If something goes wrong, the representatives of this Zodiac sign are aggressive. They start with sex trafficking, and their anger is destructive. They might say stupid things and nasty things, using foul language and even put up a fight. After a quarrel they burn out and become good partners.


Virgo is too picky in relation to other people. Especially this affects their loved ones. They constantly criticize, require control of each step. They “eat” your soul mate for any extra penny spent. They slowly transform the life of his wife to hell. Among them, most of the men are tyrants. In anger, they are terrible. On men they will appear good spouses.

Cancer is insecure and that they will poison the life of his wife. Outwardly strong, they take offense at any little thing. It Cancer will not talk to you for weeks or quietly seek revenge. Cancer is jealous. He can commit follies. He is very attached to the second mate and when she leaves him, unable to withstand the tyranny, it can for years to chase her, intimidating and threatening.


Scorpions – very tricky. They may smile in your face, coming up with a plan for revenge. They are insanely vindictive and any offense to carry the years. In a fit of anger they humiliate your mate, do not skimp on the words. They will long to accumulate resentment, to at one point to start a huge scandal. They do not forgive betrayal and demand absolute obedience from wife and children.