A package of bills for the self-employed transferred to the second reading of the state Duma

Пакет законопроектов для самозанятых передан на второе чтение Госдумы

The state Duma Committee on budget and taxes recommended to accept in the second reading the package of bills for the self-employed.

These bills provide that in the four Russian regions – Moscow, Moscow region and Kaluga region and Tatarstan will be introduced in the experiment on taxation of citizens who receive income from their activities, but do not have employees. The annual income of these citizens should not be more than 2.4 million rubles.

The bills propose to introduce a tax rate of 4% on revenues from sales of goods, works, services, property rights to natural persons and 6% on revenues from sales to legal entities and entrepreneurs.

Introduced a special mobile application “My tax”, through which people will have to register. With each sale self-employed will have to send the tax receipt with each sale. At the end of the month of the tax should bill for payment.

Taxpayers will be able voluntarily to pay insurance contributions for mandatory pension insurance. The maximum size of these contributions will be limited.

Initiators of these bills, all members of United Russia, believe that the shadow should reach 15 million self-employed entrepreneurs who work informally.

Thus, the meaning of the initiative is not so much a new form taxation of existing businesses, and the taxation of those who do not have formal work, and earn a “gray” way.

With the introduction of this package of laws, 15 million adults (anyone who is not designed to work officially) from will have to pay monthly to the state. If you do not pay in a timely manner are likely to provide certain penalties.

A lump sum nearly a quarter of Russia’s population (including family members taxable) will actually pay the tax because they are unemployed.