“A summer in the chapel”: will in the world to mass!

«Un été à la chapelle»: y aura du monde à messe!

Photo: Marie-France Coallier The Duty
Proud of the success of the first season, where every show was full, there was Hubert Lavallée-Bellefleur, here with Elise Ekker-Lambert, had no idea what was waiting for him when he was planning the programming for the summer of 2018.

Since Friday, on the site of The Factory culture, fans of Vincent Vallières can be found in the first of six episodes ofA summer in the chapel, webseries produced by Elise Ekker-Lambert (Beijing-Hochelag). In addition to the pleasure to see an exclusive performance delivered in the Chapel of the rank 1, the users can discover the atmosphere of the day it was shot, on Friday 6 July, the day of the commemoration of the tragedy of rail that occurred in 2013 in Lac-Mégantic.

“The first episode had a meaning for us ; we wanted to be done in the respect that this is sad,” says the director. We didn’t want to show what some of the tourists come to see, that is to say, the hole. On the contrary, we wanted to show what had been rebuilt, the beauty of the place, the resilience of the people, who are united, resourceful, and motivated to create such projects. “

Among these projects that put a balm on the heart of Méganticois, there is a gathering place that is the Chapel of the rank 1. Built in 1891, the anglican chapel St. Barnabas was acquired at the end of 2016 by the ex-journalist Stéphane Lavallée and his three sons, Jerome, Hubert, and Felix. Restored and renamed the heritage building houses since last summer an auditorium of 60 seats.

“People are excited about this project because it brings a range of cultural summer in Lac-Mégantic. It was redirected a bit of the first episode, because the world does not necessarily know this small room. So we’ll put it in context of the chapel and the family project. As of the second episode, one falls in the real series, ” explains Hubert Lavallée-Bellefleur, who, in addition to being the host and producer ofA summer in the chapel, is the artistic director of the Chapel of the rank 1.

Small room, great success

Proud of the success of the first season, where every show was full, there was Hubert Lavallée-Bellefleur had no idea what was waiting for him when he was planning the programming for the summer of 2018 : “The series did not yet exist,” he remembers. This is a production which is mounted in two months ! When we approached the Factory, which gave us carte blanche, the project fell down. For the series, we wanted to establish a balance between established artists and emerging artists. “

In addition to Vincent Vallières, one will find in A summer at the chapel is an excerpt of the performances of Apple, Shoots the coyote, Andréanne A. Malette, Tamara Weber-Fillion, and Safia Nolin. Each episode of a quarter of an hour is divided into three segments. First, the guest participates in an activity (catamaran on lake Mégantic, four-wheeled to the side of the mountain or golf course) ; then, he shares his creative universe ; and finally, he delivers a personalized service extracted from the show in front of public.

“The idea is not to make the recreational tourism industry, but to bring the artist to speak of healing in the region. We want to keep this side of the magical, unique and intimate setting of the chapel and reflect the community of Lac-Mégantic, which is very close-knit, ultra-engaging. When I film, I am standing on a church pew ; I talk to people and they help me to get out the tripod. It is the same thing for Laurent Ulrich, the director of photography, filming in the middle of the chapel. Finally, these are the people who put us at ease as they are packed, ” says Elise Ekker-Lambert.

“People are happy because we value their place, their city, their region,” confirms Hubert Lavallée-Bellefleur. When it was created the Chapel, it was to create happiness, to unite the people. We wanted to offer a city, who needs it more than the other, the comfort that brings the music. The Chapel brings people together and enables them, together, to speak of a subject positive. It also enters into the intimate world of the artist is to live an experience. It allows you to try things out because the people are hospitable, but if he wants to come back, it will be next year because we did that one night only. “

On the road festivals with the Manufactures

After being invited to the Festival de la chanson de Tadoussac Festival, and the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée, the team of the cultural platform digital Tele-Quebec will be crossing the 20 and 21 July at the Festive ! in Baie-Saint-Paul, and then the 10 and 11 August at the Festival des traditions du monde in Sherbrooke.

For the occasion, The Manufactures cultural offers fans to go under the tent to view with a virtual reality helmet video 360 degrees featuring Fanny Bloom, Karim Ouellet and Candid, the giant puppet of LaboKracboom, the company that reinvented the circus, dance and theatre.

In addition, in partnership with Destination Song River, the regional teams of Télé-Québec were followed in Montreal, Quebec, Tadoussac and Petite-Vallée eight chansonneurs monitor of Quebec, New Brunswick and France. To discover in pictures and exclusive clips, visit the site of the Factory.

A summer in the chapel

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