A “Tartuffe” version techno at the Festival d’avignon

Un «Tartuffe» version techno au Festival d’Avignon

Photo: Boris Horvat Agence France-Presse
The scene with Elmire in this version prohibited to under 14 years of age turns into lovemaking explicit

Molière turns around-t-he in his grave ? At Avignon, in the south of France, the Lithuanian Oskaras Korsunovas staged a Tartuffe simulating masturbation, a Orgon consultant’s page on Facebook and his daughter Mariane fun with Snapchat, all on a background of techno music.

In the Lithuanian subtitles, the classic the most played of Molière is conjugated to the sauce in the Twenty-first century to denounce the false devotees of modern times, the master of the theatre Lithuanian describing him-the same social networks as ” a new arena for the hypocrisy “.

In his Tartiufas, Korsunovas is a nod to those he appoints politicians to preachers of today : a moment of the piece is projected on a screen the image of the graffiti giant appeared in 2016 in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius showing Donald Trump embracing Vladimir Putin on the mouth.

Tartuffe manipulates Orgon in his own way by pretending to be his director of conscience is the reflection of these ‘new ideologies that are born and become a boon for all kinds of crooks,” according to Korsunovas, 49 years old, who is said to have known the tartuffes communists and liberals in Lithuania.

The director has taken up the challenge to make people laugh, sometimes full-throated, a public predominantly French at the Avignon Festival, one of the manifestations of theatre and live performance the most important in the world.

Pervasive video

To accentuate the feeling of immediacy, the director projects a video showing Tartuffe in a street of Avignon, passing to a green, a man close to the people and even… celebrating the victory of the Blues in the world Cup alongside supporters French.

The decor is a vast labyrinth of green, inspired by the gardens of Versailles, where they disappear and meet the characters, the symbol of the foolishness of Orgon.

The camera, almost ubiquitous, filming live actors on stage, but also behind the scenes, where they loosen up by smoking a cigarette and talking between them : the theatre in the theatre to highlight the dual nature of the main character.

The director is also the public, the flow of the replicas being interrupted by the actors speaking sometimes in French or in English to the audience. It is also enter some of the actors outside the theatre, after having filmed in the middle of the street.

Friends, son of Orgon, playing video games, actors appear in a wig but wear tracksuits Adidas, and the music mix techno and baroque.

The atmosphere is sometimes a little disco, and a message at the beginning of the show informs the viewers epileptic strobing effects during the play.

Wife of Orgon, and determined to unmask Tartuffe into handing him a trap, Elmire is very Marilyn Monroe, with her platinum blond hair, a red dress very indented, and its affectations. She sings snippets of Don’t leave me, I don’t regret anything, and even I Wanna be Loved by You.

Antics assumed

And if Moliere had been noted as a statement that Tartuffe ” shakes the tips of the fingers “, the scene with Elmire in this version prohibited to under 14 years of age turns into lovemaking explicit : the false devotee palpates the chest of Elmire, soon after launched to the servant Dorine his famous ” Cover this breast which I cannot see.”

The antics continue in the scenes before the fake devotee never comes naked like a worm on stage.

The piece ends by Tartuffe doing the nazi salute on a table, pushing a bit to the extreme interpretation of the hypocrisy and the propaganda queens of the world.

Tartiufas is the fifth piece in this Korsunovas at the Festival d’avignon. Founder in 1999 of the independent theatre Oskaro Korsunovo Teatras (OKT), it has staged more than 60 performances at the theatre and the opera, adapting Russian authors, contemporary and classic.