Against a number of Russian businessmen unable to impose sanctions due to poisoning Skrypali: named names

Против ряда российских бизнесменов могут ввести санкции из-за отравления Скрипалей: названы фамилии

Prime Minister Theresa may approved the list of Russian entrepreneurs, in respect of which it is planned to impose sanctions after the poisoning in Salisbury. Reported by the Daily Telegraph.

According to the publication, among big businessmen Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska, Alisher Usmanov, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.

“The purpose of the measures we intend to take is to limit their (businessmen – ed.) the ability to move freely and work in the UK, Europe and other countries,” – said a source in the British government.

This list will be disseminated to all government departments, as well as to transfer to the allies of the United Kingdom in Europe and North America to restrict the ability of business people to “travel and maintain their Empire.”

In addition, it is reported that “these people are determined to have a very close professional and financial relationships” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We believe that they are involved in the implementation of orders of the Kremlin in many areas that involves the use of their financial capacity in the interests of the Russian state”, – says the source.

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In November, Theresa may stated that after the response of the international community to poisoning Skrobala Russian special services “fundamentally weakened”.

  • In June, Scotland yard has restored the chronology of events of the incident with the poisoning Skrobala.
  • 5 Sep Britain has accused two Russians, Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov, of involvement in the poisoning Skrobala. Shortly thereafter, they gave an interview to TV channel Russia Todayin which he said that he came to Salisbury as tourists and wanted to “break away”.
  • The Insider journalists and Bellingcat conducted an investigation and stated that Ruslan Bashirov is actually a GRU Colonel and a “hero of Russia” Anatoly Caigoy. Was disclosed and the identity of the second suspect: Alexander Petrov is Alexander Mishkin, the medical officer of the Russian GRU.