Alexey Chumakov: my Wife constantly call and offer incriminating evidence about adultery

Алексей Чумаков: Жене постоянно звонят и предлагают компромат о супружеской измене

The singer admitted that his couple Yulia Kovalchuk are constantly being blackmailed. Are the subject of his imaginary infidelity.

Alexey Chumakov said that his wife constantly call and offer incriminating evidence of adultery. The last call actually was drawing the culprit.

They offered to provide video verification that the singer cheated on Kovalchuk. Chumakov proposed to talk about this issue with him personally.

The woman quite seriously the information about her husband’s infidelity during their stay in Sochi. Moreover, it is in this period had actually visited this city. Kovalchuk demanded explanations from the wife. He calmed her down and decided to understand with offenders.

He called on the phone, after which he promised to call back. Then strangers reported the preparation of very high-quality video, which the singer himself would believe that he is. However, they realized that the family’s full confidence, and the history of “closed”.

Chumakov, who is now 37 years old and 35-year-old Kovalchuk signed five years ago. Recently they came to light daughter named Amelia. Now the family residence is a luxurious mansion. They have a maid and gardener.

Singer believes that all the attacks on his family are either envious or inadequate fans that he is enough.