All 14 miners ‘ heads Junior Moraes

Все 14 шахтерских голов Жуниора Мораеса

Junior Moraes finished the autumn part of the championship with a perfect figure – 14 goals. Let’s go back and remember them all…

14 goals at this stage allow us to hope that Moraes will be able to set a new goalscoring record in the Premier League. Recall now that this achievement is 25 goals and was installed in 2013 Henrikh Mkhitaryan. If you simulate a perspective on the rest of the season, it turns out-what? Now the average performance of Moraes – 0.78 goals per match. If he keeps it on the same level, after 32-th round should have 24.9 goals. In reality, this can be a little more or a little less. For example, a record 26. Why not?

But let’s get back to what has already been scored.

Goal 1. “Desna” – “Shakhtar” 0:2, 1 th round

Assist made the young Oleg Danchenko – the transfer was fast, one touch and cunning, with a rebound from a lawn. Protection of the “Gums” just don’t have time to regroup. Skillfully received the ball in the penalty area, Moraes took a couple of steps and close without problems struck the goalkeeper. So was the first goal of Shakhtar in the League.

Goal 2. “Shakhtar” – “the Arsenal” 3:0, 2nd round

And in this match too, Moraes opened the scoring. And again it all started with the cross Danchenko – but this time not so good the serve was, how wrong goalkeeper gunners ‘ Sitalo. The ball bounced to Tyson, he finished with one touch. Maybe the shock and would not have achieved the goal, but the ball was Moraes. He deftly managed to substitute the leg – and Arsenal pulled the first of the three goals:

Goal 3. Shakhtar – Vorskla 4:1, 4-th round

And here the opposite happened: Moraes closed the scoring list. The match was not easy, despite the final score. Shakhtar had to win. Until the last goal still had questions. His Moraes scored in the 74th minute. There was a counterattack from Shakhtar was followed by a pass to exit the rapid Tyson, that, in principle, could beat myself – but not greedy, were treated to a pass of the partner. Moraes could only get into the goal – which he did, and beautifully, one-touch:

Goal 4. Olimpik – Shakhtar 2:5, 6 th round

Rest one round, Moraes continued. And how! In the match with “Aleikom” rookie “miner” built “hat-trick”. He began at the 17 th minute, when the score was 1:0 in favor of his team. Started Marlos, chic Paz brought to the gates of ismaily. He could be himself – but what if parallel courses raced Moraes? Ismaily makes jewelry pas and Moraes hits the target:

Goal 5. Olimpik – Shakhtar 2:5, 6 th round

After 15 minutes, Moraes was again at the point of attack – at the right time in the right place. So, as no one in the current “Shakhtar” no one else can, which often seems to be that he scores “khalyavnykh”. On the left flank came out of nowhere Rakitskiy gave a sly pass to ismaily – and he readdressed the ball on the line goalie. He saw, knew, felt, that Moraes had at that point. Moraes was there:

Goal 6. Olimpik – Shakhtar 2:5, 6 th round

But this goal Moraes is what is called “sang”. Of course, Tyson skakavci strike, gave him a good pas Yes. But there’s even one-on-one was not. Pass still needed something to convert. Moraes made it on time. He instantly recovered, took aim – and, without approaching with the goalkeeper, sent the ball inside the far post. Better, perhaps, could be done:

Goal 7. Shakhtar – Mariupol 2:0, 7-th round

In order to break the defense “Mariupol” Donetsk team took a whole half. Well, almost… 43 minutes Tyson caught running ismaily and gave the pass “with reserve”. Ismaily have had the time and space to carve his trademark pass at its best. And again, he knew for whom he was doing it. Moraes was exactly where it was assumed a partner. Then followed a soft kick under the crossbar – and the beginning of another victory was expected.

Goal 8. Shakhtar – Chornomorets 3:0, 9-th round

Weak “Chernomorets” bravely kept the defense more time. But sooner or later it had to end. In the 57th minute after a corner in front of the gate of the opponent has appeared at once two players of Shakhtar. Nice, score was Stepanenko – but the ball from Taras were cut. Moraes has overisel business. Another goal scored from outside the penalty area:

Goal 9. “Karpaty” – “Shakhtar” 1:6, 10-th round

On that day, Shakhtar have scored all the way up to young Fernando. The third of the goals on account of Moraes. In the 29th minute Fedetskiy broke the rules on the flank. Filing Rakitskiy’s free-kick somehow caused the astonishment of the defenders of Lviv, the ball from them jumped into the center of the penalty area. There were on duty waiting for my chance Moraes. Next to him there was no one – and the striker of “Shakhtar” from the heart venerating drove the ball into the net.

Goal 10. Shakhtar – Zorya 1:1, 11-th round

Moraes kept moving hurricane scoring pace. In the match against Zorya, he opened the score – it seemed that it was the beginning of the next victory. The combination played fine. It all started as usual with ismaily. But this time the defender of “Shakhtar” decided not to aggravate myself, noticing that the young Maicon bursts into the penalty area. He received the ball, was surprised to see on the opposite edge of the penalty free Moraes. Why was he left alone – hard to say, but Moraes didn’t forgive, drop in a low shot, sending the ball into the far corner. Unfortunately, the goal was not winning:

Goal 11. “Shakhtar” – “Dinamo” 2:1, 14-th round

After falling silent for three rounds, Moraes re-applied voice at the right time. The match with Dynamo was Shakhtar’s habitually hard. Had to recoup. It was done in the 54th minute. In a quick counter-attack, receiving the ball, Marlos was attacked by the enemy. The ball hit him at the most inconvenient on and bounced to Tyson. Off from the game was not the time – and Marlos ran to the gate. Meanwhile, Tyson moved to the right and past the guardian gave the ball to the center – and there Moraes one-touch sent the ball into the net. And ran to celebrate and to move on. It was not a beautiful goal but the most dedicated:

Goal 12. Shakhtar – Marseille 2:2, 17-round

Another pause, and another one. But in what match. “the miner” has managed an early goal in the 7th minute, Tyson, disoriented protection about motion, laid the ball on a plate, into the path of Moraes. He, being one on one with the Keeper, first touch sent the ball straight on purpose…

Goal 13. Shakhtar – Marseille 2:2, 17-round

Who would have thought then that the outcome of the match Shakhtar will play? But it happened that way. And only in stoppage time Moraes was able to save his team at least a point. However, did it from the offside, but the referee did not notice, for which he received a portion of epithets and metaphors from Vyacheslav Shevchuk. And the goal was good, dynamic and clear – flow Danchenko, discount Alan Patrick and kick his head in emphasis from Moraes:

Goal 14. Mariupol – Shakhtar 0:3, 18-th round

Another goal from outside the penalty area (on account of Moraes 7 – exactly half of all goals scored). One of those when he mysteriously finds where you need it. Nobody knew where it would bounce off defenders after hitting the ball ismaily. And Moraes didn’t know. But stood in the same spot… looks Like the ball Moraes – a special, intimate relationship:

Vadim Samoilov, especially for “Slagheap”