All Ukrainian bishops have been invited Patriarch Bartholomew to come to the unity Council

Все украинские епископы получили приглашения патриарха Варфоломея приехать на Объединительный собор

Already all the Ukrainian bishops received his own copy of the letter with the invitation of Patriarch Bartholomew to come to the unity Council December 15 at St. Sophia Cathedral. Some seem to only seeing a personal signature of Patriarch Bartholomew of the Greek original letter, I realized that the “everything is real”.

“The Council shall be convened for approval of the Charter of the Ukrainian local Church, and the election of the Primate. It will be held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Emmanuel of Gaul, with the assistance of the Patriarchal exarchs. The Cathedral as an honorary guest invited by President Petro Poroshenko, – said the columnist. Not without its surprises. Said that the Unification Council would be bishops, i.e. the bishops. However, in a letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch invites every Bishop to arrive at the Cathedral, accompanied by two more people – a priest and a monk or layman of his diocese. Each of them will have a voice at the Council. Thus, it is not about bishops, but about the local Council”.

The author believes that this is logical – the constituent Council should be represented all the “social groups”. After all, the Church does not consist of bishops, and therefore establish not only the bishops.