Almost 2 thousand hryvnias on stray dogs – go to Europe

Почти 2 тысячи гривен на бездомную собаку - идем в Европу

During meeting of the constant Deputy Commission on zhilishchno-to municipal Affairs, the elected representatives of the people raised Melitopol relevant to the topic of catching stray animals. In all European countries, where Ukraine is moving, this problem was solved long ago. But in Melitopol all the way.

We will remind, in 2017 in the local budget was earmarked for the capture and sterilization of stray animals. The solution to this problem came from the charity Fund “anything is possible”. But in practice public men have shown themselves weak. Animal advocates in the nines criticized the activities of the charity Fund in this direction and power. In the end, the budget 2018 local treasuries was not provide a dime to stray “Scutes” and “Balls”. Such a position also caused criticism of the government from the public.

The deputies decided to correct the error and 2019 have provided 400 thousand hryvnias in the local coffers for the capture and sterilization of dogs.

The chief of uzhkh Alex Egimbaev during the meeting, the Commission warned that the discontent of the community can not avoid and this time, after people get to know how much is the maintenance of one “Bugs”.

In uzhkkh yet received a proposal from a private firm. Their service is worth 1 thousand 900 UAH. on one individual. The service includes trapping dogs, sterilization and overexposure of one week prior to sterilization and one after. Then the dog returns to the same place where caught, explained the technology of deputies Alexey Egimbaev.

One of the members of the Commission reported that in Berdyansk, this service is cheaper – 1500 UAH. and recommended to apply to him for advice. The chief of uzhkh took the information. This program remains to be discussed at city Council session.