An unusual find hunters in the Kherson region

Необычная находка охотников на Херсонщине

Hunters, prochesyvayuschie the forest a few kilometers from the village Velyka Lepetykha, Kherson region in search of either game birds, or rabbits, suddenly stumbled on a really good “production”. It was empty the car VAZ-2108 standing with open doors. And… lying next to a short musket of the seventeenth century commercials. Came in complete bewilderment from the mysterious discovery, the hunters called the local police. And they easily solved the riddle.

On closer inspection it turned out that the “ancient musket” not a weapon, and stylized him a harmless lighter. And the car was stolen from a resident of the district who managed to leave their old “the Zhiguli” at night in the yard. And with the key in the ignition, and a set of documents in the glove box. Thus in the yard did not keep dogs, and the gates were closed not locked and a simple bolt. The hijackers were invited to steal the car, seducing her obvious availability. And they did not fail this “invitation” to use it.

Most likely stolen some company of drunken youths who stole VAZ-2108, only to ride it. And then abandoned to their fate – though not forgetting to take the battery and the radio. Someone from the hijackers could use for lighting the original lighter form of musket, so now the police finds out who this remarkable thing belongs. Detectives hope that someone from inhabitants of the district recognizes and will report this to the police.