And Robert Lepage Ariane Mnouchkine invites the aboriginal community to the dialogue

Robert Lepage et Ariane Mnouchkine invitent la communauté autochtone au dialogue

Photo: David Leclerc
Repetition of a scene from the play “Kanata”, in November last

In front of the grunts raised by their next show, and Robert Lepage Ariane Mnouchkine have decided to reach out to the aboriginal community to discuss their project, which must take in the shows in Paris next December.

In a letter published by Le Devoir on Saturday, the twenty personalities that aboriginal people have complained of the lack of actors from their nations among the 34 artists in the displays of the room Kanata, which looks like a replay of ” Canada’s history through the prism of relationships between White and Indigenous “.

Having taken note of their critics, Ariane Mnouchkine and Robert Lepage invite the co-signatories to join them “for a meeting of dialogue” next Thursday in Montreal, ” the only time Ms. Mnouchkine can move from Paris to Montreal before a long stay in Asia “, the company said of Robert Lepage, Ex Machina, by way of a news release Sunday evening.

No detail has been provided on the time and place of the exchange, or even the precise content of it, as the team of Ex Machina was at the stage of get in touch with the co-signers.

“This is a very nice initiative, this is what we demand since the beginning, a dialogue “, was delighted the author and actor of aboriginal descent Dave Jenniss, who was part of the list of co-signers. He assures that he will move up to Montreal on Thursday, even if he lives in the Outaouais region, because ” it is his duty to be present at such a meeting “.

His eyes, however, it is a little late to convince Ms. Mnouchkine and Mr. Lepage to review the selection of actors and hope that a place will be made from indigenous artists for this show.

If we want collaboration, dialogue, it is necessary to meet face-to-face

— Alexandra Lorange

“Me, what I expect of this meeting is to understand the why of our absence,” he says. Why when one decides to speak about the history of aboriginal people, of our past, of our culture, one comes to consult us, but then we never actually place on stage ? There are plenty of aboriginal artists of talent who are fighting to get recognized in the community. “

“It’s going to especially have to that you talk to all together, that sets goals and that everyone is on the same wavelength here on Thursday for this meeting to be productive,” says his side the lawyer who specializes in aboriginal issues, Alexandra Lorange, who is also in the list of co-signers.

She said that she was delighted at the gesture by Robert Lepage Ariane Mnouchkine, seeing this call to dialogue as an opening to the collaboration.

“Up here, and it is this which is a shame ultimately, the debate was just in the media, because there was no opening to the discussion otherwise. Ariane Mnouchkine has given her version of the facts to the Duty ; we responded. But if you want collaboration, dialogue, it is necessary to meet face-to-face, ” says the young woman.

The controversy around Kanata occurs in the wake of the cancellation of the Montreal show SLĀV of Robert Lepage. The piece inspired by the songs of enslaved african americans has been shown the finger as an example of cultural appropriation, and its distribution predominantly white. Robert Lepage is equally committed Sunday to meet the collective SLĀV-Resistance prior to a forthcoming broadcast of his play.