And Thriller, and the dream: 3D printing as the Foundation of the industry of spare parts for man


On the International space station bio-printer printed a construct of the murine thyroid gland. What else can be printed on a 3D printer? To this question, the TV channel “MIR 24” said the expert in the field of 3D printing and 3D modeling Asya Harutyunyan.

Asya Harutyunyan: This is the basis, by and large, the skeleton without the muscles or some kind of shell, the same fabric. That is something to build tissue and do a full thyroid gland.

Asya Harutyunyan: I Think that will be possible. While all these experiments. Sponsor them to do development in, for example, Oncology. To make new organs, a complex operation with printed organs. While this is only a possibility, for example, to test for specific cells, including human, how to behave in one or another drug or a combination treatment.

Asya Harutyunyan: the Skin is simple if you compare the skin and the human heart.

Asya Harutyunyan: you are Absolutely right. Or take stem cells, or similar. For example, the cartilage tissue is grown, packaged in a special bio-gel, spheroids are created. This is a bubble, inside which all the necessary information about the cell that will be placed where you want. Of these balls as a building block is going to need structure. This may be the human circulatory system, nervous tissue, skin cells, thyroid, cartilage.