Antiviral drugs and garlic – what could hurt in the treatment of influenza and SARS

Противовирусные препараты и чеснок - что может навредить в лечении гриппа и ОРВИ

The number of patients with influenza and SARS in Zaporozhye increases

Cossacks suggest not to forget about the prevention of colds. Despite that epidporog is not achieved, the number of patients in clinics in the city increased. About 70% of the people who come today to family doctors – people with symptoms of influenza and SARS. This was stated by the Deputy chief physician at the health care centers of primary medical and sanitary help No. 10 Svetlana Chernigovtsev.

-Known symptoms – fever, cough, runny nose, headache and General weakness, – said Svetlana Chernigovtsev. – These symptoms are treated like flu, and SARS. Sure influenza in humans or not, we can only on the basis of laboratory studies. It is important to understand that at a high temperature, cough, you must consult a doctor. If you pull, it can lead to complications in the form of bronchitis or pneumonia.

Home to treat the common cold, of course, with the help of drugs that reduce symptoms and help the person to stay in the ranks. Only such drugs can play a cruel joke – to disguise a dangerous virus and delay the visit to the doctor.

-It is better to go to the doctor, and then already to be treated at home, – says Svetlana Chernigovtsev. – But I mean drugs, not garlic, honey or something else. It is unlikely it will give the effect, and the time you will lose. This can strengthen the immune system, but to cure the flu or colds – no.

With regard to prevention, then now is the time to enrich the diet of protein foods. Helpful to eat more fruit, take vitamins to boost the body’s resistance to disease. No one has repealed the basic rules, which many forget. Namely, the observance of rules of personal hygiene, frequent hand washing, face washing, lavage of the nasopharynx soda solution after a stay in crowded places. It is necessary to avoid mass events. It is necessary to protect the body from hypothermia.

The intake of antiviral medications as a preventive measure to date has not shown its effectiveness. Research on this topic there, so not worth wasting money.

As reported by “Industriale,” the flu shot as prevention too late to do.