Apple, the first private company to be worth more than 1000 billion

Apple, première entreprise privée à valoir plus de 1000 milliards

Photo: Piero Cruciatti Agence France-Presse
The title of Apple jumped more than 20% in the Stock market since the beginning of the year.

Apple has marked the history of Wall Street on Thursday by becoming the first private company in the world to cross the milestone of 1000 billion dollars on the stock Exchange, a step which crowned several decades of products that have revolutionized our relationship with technology.

Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone : the band born in a garage in 1976 is now part of everyday life, the apple representing the brand who has left his mark on popular culture. This success translates into record-breaking performance quarter after quarter. In Exchange, the title flies away. The action of Apple has reached Thursday to 11: 50 a.m. the price of 207,05 US$. At this price, the market capitalization of the group has reached 1000 billion US$. This is a first for a private company. The title has ended the session at 207,39 US$, up by 2.9 %.

“Apple is an extraordinary company “, summed up recently Bill Gates himself, the boss of another juggernaut history of the high-tech, and arch-rival of Apple, Microsoft, worth 818 trillion dollars to Wall Street. “The tech giants are [all] very, very big profits at the moment, but Apple’s [yields] the key,” he added on the channel CNBC. After flirting with bankruptcy in the 1990s, the group has reinvented itself under the leadership of his former boss and founder, the charismatic Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. At the time, the group was worth “only” $ 350 billion dollars.

Even if technically the threshold of 1000 billion dollars is not really significant, the brokers of Wall Street are attracted to a symbol that represent the round numbers.

“The bar of 1000 billion is mostly psychological, by sending the market a message of growth and importance,” notes Howard Silverblatt, a specialist in the indices for S&P Dow Jones Indices. In the hall of the markets of the bank LBBW, New York, “there has been no particular excitation,” observed Karl Haeling, markets specialist for the school. “That the company be worth 990 billion or 1000 billion dollars on the Stock market, this does not change large-thing for investors. It is primarily the evidence of the importance that has taken the Apple [in the u.s. economy], ” adds the analyst.

Now led by Tim Cook, the group in california has shown up yet this week his health is insolent on the occasion of the publication of its quarterly results. The figures are circling : over 90 million iphones sold since the beginning of the year, 53,3 billion of quarterly revenue for a net profit of 11.5 billion.

Carried by its own success, and by the enthusiasm for high technology on Wall Street, the title of Apple jumped more than 20 % in the Stock market since the beginning of the year. Sitting on massive reserves of cash, the california company has also proceeded in recent years to many of the redemptions of shares, which buoyed automatically the value of the title.

From the garage to the 1000 billion, the dates of the most significant

April 1976: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne created Apple Computer.

December 1980 : Apple is taking its first steps on the stock Exchange, at a price of US $22 per share.

January 1984 : Apple introduces its first Macintosh computer.

September 1985 : Steve Jobs leaves Apple after a power struggle with the director-general.

1990s : competition Windows, and several commercial failures put the group in financial difficulties.

September 1997 : Apple stock fall to a record low, around US $7. Steve Jobs takes over the reins at a time when the company was close to bankruptcy.

October 2011 : Steve Jobs dies of pancreatic cancer, shortly after having passed the reins to Tim Cook.

November 2017 : sale of the iPhone X.