Arsenal lost heavily to Alexandria

Арсенал крупно проиграл Александрии

Alexandria went to Kiev only for victory, because three points in the match with the outsider has the opportunity for at least a day to break the second place in the standings.

Not surprisingly, starting to bear the onslaught of “Arsenal”, the team of Vladimir Sharan took the game under their control: firmly settled in the opponent’s half of the field, trying again and again to disturb Serhiy Sitalo. And one of these attacks ended in a goal: mikica catapulted the ball from the side on Grichka, and Basil was served to the far post where Masta, winning the race against Maidanevych, has punched in protivohod Keeper.

It seemed that Alexandria can easily extend their advantage after the break, but the players, talking with Vyacheslav Grozny, began to play much more aggressively. Now the capital team are quite safely operated the first number, but missed their key opportunity in the middle of the half Pankiv pulled Akulinin kick from 11 meters.

Excellent game of the goalkeeper affected the confidence of the whole team, which again went ahead and brought the score to large. First, the guests had a perfect fast attack: Pankiv issued longball on Grichka, and that brought the shock position Sitalo. Artyom calmly beat the goalkeeper of the gunners. And in stoppage time Kovalets showed why came on as a substitute. Cyril handed it round along the penalty area, left Nasonova cool and curled the ball into the bottom corner.

0:3 – Arsenal have conceded in the fourth match in a row, six wins in a row when the unbeaten “Alexandria” allowed the team of Kirovohrad region around Dynamo.

2018-19 Championship Of Ukraine. 2nd circle. The 15th round.

“Arsenal Kiev” – “Alexandria” 0:3 (0:1)

Goals: Run Hither, 33 (0:1); Sitalo A., 81 (0:2); Kovalets, 90 (0:3)

“Arsenal-Kiev”: Sitalo; Akakpo; Sahutkyn; Dubinchuk; Maidanevich (Nasonov, 73); Autosky (Feschuk, 74); Semeniuk, S.; Lola; Dombrowski; Vakulko; Akulinin (Ermachenko, 82)

Alexandria: Pankiv; BANADA; Mikita; Bondarenko, V.; Shendrik; Grechishkin; Gritsuk (Kovalets, 83); Protasov E. (Sadaraka, 62); Sitalo A. (Sexton, 89); Tsurikov; Masta

Warning: Dubinchuk, 23; Autosky, 37 – Shendrik, 61