Artificial intelligence at MIT recreates works of art

Искусственный интеллект из МТИ воссоздает произведения искусства

Copies of famous paintings has long created not so much by people-artists, how many specially trained programs and artificial intelligence, and printed using 3D printers. However, the team of specialists in computer engineering from MIT, has a vision of the creative process by which they decided to test their new type of artificial intelligence designed specifically to analyze, evaluate, and recreate the original samples of art creativity in its most minute details, preserving the original color palette and looking ahead, we can say that the result exceeded all expectations!

The fact that the traditional and standard 3D printers use only three or four primary colors – black, yellow, emerald and Magenta, the shades of which change to create a more realistic picture. However, experts from mit have developed a module such 3D printer with 10 colors, which also created the pixel shades. Artificial intelligence based on complex machine learning algorithms, examines and analyzes the picture, and then selects the appropriate colors – after that, a 3D printer selects the colors on the pixel grid and real-time checks them for compliance with the original.

This approach allows on the one hand to save time, and the other immediately to give the most realistic copy of the picture – as a result, copies obtained on average four times more realistic than other 3D printers and algorithms. A team of computer engineers continues to work to increase the functionality of his artificial intelligence.

Besides, experts are interested in how to properly and quickly organize the relevant Supplement for their artificial intelligence – that would only be possible with further testing. The project itself promises to be big and efficient, not to mention how to please potential partners and users of some features of functions and technologies on the reconstruction of objects of art.

According to the materials: