As in the Melitopol police officer official car to private transport has turned (video)

Как в Мелитополе полицейский служебное авто в личный транспорт превратил (видео)

In Melitopol city authorities solemnly in Victory square was transferred to the personnel of the city police Department two cars are Renault Duster, bought for the budget bill. So the city’s leadership decided to “arm wheels” local police to improve the fight against crime. One of the residents of the city decided to follow a use of the gift of the community.

And it turned out that Renault, in which the police undertook to catch criminals and patrol the city, and the family of the militiaman. At least the author of the video were able to follow police, which is the official car was involved in the family business, instead of catching criminals.

What do you say that, from the eyes of the activists have nothing to hide.