Asians and jocks: the myths of manhood, which can be forgotten

Азиаты и качки: мифы о мужском достоинстве, о которых можно забыть

On the subject of the size of childbearing rod invented so many fables. Here are the 5 most famous.

Bodybuilders have a small dick

This myth arose due to the fact that some of the bodybuilders make use of chemicals, anabolic steroids, which affect the hormonal system, and consequently, in the opinion of many, and the size of the penis. After all, beer is still a growing belly and chest – there are also hormones, so why are steroids the member is not reduced? This is a misconception: if you’re one of those who take steroids, you can be rest assured about its size. But with potency problems can occur, so think carefully whether it is necessary to you.

The Asians have small cock and blacks – huge

This myth is cultivated for centuries, and especially it became popular when a Japanese pornography, where the male half had the extremely modest size of the genitals. In reality, due to progress in medicine and better nutrition and living standards of the average size of a member will gradually improve, and average height. And now Asians – it’s not the people a hundred years ago with the growth of 150 cm, a tall and handsome man with members, no less than the Europeans. As for the blacks, for the most part, they have roughly the same average penis size among Europeans.

Masturbation affects the penis size

Some believe that Masturbation in adolescence leads to the fact that the member does not develop normally and remains at the level of an eight year old boy. They argue that the fact that the body release hormones and do not develop fully. Those of us who have discovered the great mystery of Masturbation at an early age, in my experience that is nonsense.

Penis size may be determined by the length of the nose, fingers or feet

Numerous studies reputable scientists have proved that the correlation between the size of the nose, hands, feet (and whatever) with the size of the member no. So don’t jump to conclusions if someone you know wears a size 46.

There is a wonderful means to increase a member

Quite common myth that some ancient Chinese / Indian / reptilian, scientists have created a miraculous ointment of a mixture of bird droppings, ginseng, tears of a mermaid and several as yet undiscovered by science substances in any random order, with which your firecracker turns in 5 days in the “Topol-M” and is able by its power to reconcile forever Palestine and Israel. So, no magic means to increase penis size, does not exist.