At the entrance to Borispol drunk driver staged a large-scale accident

На въезде в Борисполь пьяный водитель устроил масштабное ДТП

Night December 7 at the entrance to Borispol, an accident involving four vehicles.

According to the Informant, the Mercedes at high speed moving in the left lane in the direction of Boryspil, he tried to readjust and hit the side mirror of the car Mitsubishi Pajero. Then the van began to demolish the road and he drove into the side of the Hyundai. From a collision with a minibus vehicle drove into a minibus TATA.

In the accident suffered a car Hyundai Accent. Damaged sidewall on the driver side and trunk. It dropped out of the gas cylinder.

None of the participants of the incident were not injured. The driver of the Mercedes was the obvious signs of intoxication are: breath, slurred speech and uneven gait. In addition, he admitted to law enforcement that “a little” drunk. Police suggested the man to pass the test of dragør on the scene, but he refused to do it. After some time he agreed to go to the clinic for examination.

Earlier, police estimated the number of traffic accidents involving “EuroBLECH”.