Aunt after parents men in children’s lives. Here are 9 reasons why

Тети - вторые после родителей люди в жизни детей. Вот 9 причин, почему

Find out what role you play in the lives of nephews

You probably remember all the precious moments that are related to your aunt! She is always in our heart.

But being an aunt is a lot of work, a fantastic experience and lots of love!

Aunt make children’s lives more fun, they are always ready to help, no matter what happens, says I Heart Intelligence.

Here are nine reasons why aunt plays in the life of his nephew a special role. And here’s why:

1. Aunt gives a different view of life.

Aunt to show the child a different approach to situations, not the same as the parents. She will always extend a helping hand, no matter what happens.

2. Always gives the coolest gifts.

Aunt always present on birthdays, school holidays. Even if it needs to travel from another city or away from work. And she always buys gifts and sweets.

3. She never misses any chance to talk with the children.

Aunt always “for” fun and active pastime with his nephews. It’s ready to take the child to the circus or a Museum, or just have fun and play in the yard.

4. Gives love and affection.

A thousand hugs and kisses – it’s all about the aunt. And it creates a fantastic relationship for life.

5. She can tell everything.

When children are afraid to go to parents with problems they go to her aunt. She is always willing to listen and help. And most importantly, that aunt knows how to keep a secret.

6. Aunt teaches values.

Aunt will always help to understand what is right and what is not.

If you have a nephew you will grow along with him, giving support and love daily.

7. Aunty really likes to take care of children.

She enjoys spending time with his nephews, watching them, when parents are not around.

8. Aunt kindly, even when they’re wrong.

She rarely shouts and scolds. Most often, the aunt listens and explains, will help to solve any situation.

9. The more nephews – the happier aunt.

When a new niece or nephew, aunt feels even more special. The relationship with my nephews is getting stronger by the day, especially if you frequently spend time together.

Do you have nieces and nephews? How important are they to you?

Marta Oliynyk.