“AvtoVAZ” not deceived”: the New LADA Vesta Cross admired the famous obzorschika

«АвтоВАЗ» не обманул»: Новая LADA Vesta Cross восхитила известного обзорщика

The novelty of “AVTOVAZ”, LADA Vesta Cross, has managed to acquire significant modifications – the car is equipped with a robotic gearbox. Autoblogger tested the new transmission and were impressed.

A test-drive began with a road in a forest. “Vesta” took the heavy parts of the route on various modes of drive. In “winter” mode, the car started with little difficulty, according to the driver, he decided to move to the mountain to learn how to lead the AMT.

Overall, the blogger was pleased with the transmission: the clutch is significantly warmed, but the temperature gauge warning about overheating, didn’t work – so in the normal range. On the highway obzorschika pleased with the dynamic characteristics of the “Vesta” – in second gear car is well accelerated, gained momentum, after which the speed gradually dropped to the range above. Sports car mode and all admired blogger – “Vesta” very responsive reacting to the change of the accelerator pedal and gear change, and in the absence of depression, thanks to the new box, the car continued to crawl at a speed of 8 km/h.

The result of the test-drive the author of the video left in awe of the machine: “AVTOVAZ”-that is not deceived, really reliable, new transmission. I haven’t tried the road kill – all to no purpose, good AMT!”