Babchenko: If Tymoshenko wins – I just leave Ukraine

Now in Ukraine reigned lull that after the presidential elections inevitably develop into a major war.

This was in Vilnius during the “Forum of Free Russia”, said fluent Russian liberal Arkady Babchenko, not so long ago rocked the whole world in the joint with the security service of staging the murder, and then Babchenko for obtaining Ukrainian passports, began to serve Petro Poroshenko, the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

“I am confident that what we now call the war is a pause, a truce. They are really waiting for the arrival to power of President, as they say, negotiability. They will wait until the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine and try to destabilize the situation inside, but if not, it will be a big war because it is inevitable in any case,” he said.

According to Babchenko, the coming to power in Ukraine, “Putin’s agent” in the person of Yulia Tymoshenko will end up a lot of internal war and the introduction of Russian troops to the country.

“Yulia Tymoshenko is still Vladimir Putin. If Ukraine came to power Tymoshenko, I think, a year and a half, and about as she needs time to pile up and start in Ukraine is an internal civil war, Mr Putin just brings in his army under the guise of peacekeepers and says: “Look, this country is not in a state to become a state, let’s just get rid of it.”

Only if Yulia Tymoshenko becomes President, I the next day sit down and eat in Vilnius, Austria, Czech Republic, anywhere, because for me personally, Julia is death.

Because when it comes to power – I’m being evicted from the country, because between Ukraine and Russia still have an agreement on the extradition of criminals. Therefore, in this case Julia – my personal enemy and the enemy of all Ukraine. And Ukraine will not be – then the Third world, in my opinion, will be the last,” said Babchenko.