Back to school tv: Explora, and Artv are coming out of their guns

Rentrée télé: Explora et Artv sortent leurs canons

Photo: Artv
France Beaudoin will be interviews with personalities of their choice (on the photo by Patrick Lagacé) in the program “To take away”.

With the multiplication of specialized channels, it is increasingly difficult to stand out in the eyes of the public. Having seen its market share from 0.4% to 0.5%, the chain Explora, a specialist in the wildlife documentary, historical and scientific, offers for the season 2018-2019 more than forty new features, including two original productions.

Moderated by Marie-Pier Élie and Jean-René Dufort and inspired by the Dutch concept, The large laboratory (as of 19 December) will see all the colors, while the 100 guinea pigs will be subject to scientific experiments aimed at the verification of assumptions about human behavior in situations sometimes to the extreme. “We are in the calculation of the results ; it will be interesting to see the reactions of the guinea pigs deal with the results,” said Dufort during the lunch-launch.

“Extreme” will also be the watchword in Rescue ultimate (January 2019), has promised Dominique Chaloult, general director of the tv documentary series on the “overflow” with a human where you can immerse yourself in the daily life of the team helicopter search and rescue SQ. There will be “no reconstruction” announced Marie-Claude Wolfe, senior director of specialty channels.

Even more culture on Artv

High market share high of 0.4 %, the Artv channel, managed the 14 August to 11 September, promises a season yet more cultural. And even more full of emotions, if you look at the first images of Doing useful work (as of 26 October), one of three new productions here, where Émilie Perrault discusses the impact of a work in the company of an artist and a person affected by the work. “The directors Frédéric Nassif and Maude Sabbagh took out my book later,” said the facilitator.

When Dominique Chaloult has asked France Beaudoin if she had wanted to do hour-long interviews with personalities of their choice, the facilitator has not had a second of hesitation : “I had to deprogram because I was too accustomed to doing interviews formatted. “

The experience was so conclusive that the driver with By Morin will be part of the current season of take-out (starting August 17), where France Beaudoin, supported by music by Antoine Gratton, leads us into the universe of its guests from the key words.

Combining nine years of experience at the helm of See and Formula Diaz (from 11 January), Sebastian Diaz comes with The wow effect, the cultural magazine ” unifying, accessible to the formula exploded… where perhaps there will be mariachis, faith animator for mexican ! “.

The returns expected, Artv

For their fourth season, Marc Cassivi and Rebecca Makonnen settled at the Salon urbain of the Place des Arts to talk of cultural events with their commentators and guests. Critical thinking (from 20 September)

Anne-Marie Withenshaw and his collaborators, Dave Ouellet, Thérèse Paris and Nathalie Petrowski, will go to sleep one hour less late to comment on the ups and downs of the small screen in this twelfth season. It is just the TV (from 21 September)

In addition to be the subject of a documentary (The music of Patrick, Monday, 10 September, 20: 30), Patrick Norman anime for a sixteenth season this rendez-vous of the lovers of the country. For the love of the country (as of the 1st December)

The safe values of Explora

In the fourth season of this magazine where John Lessard analysis of the dynamic master-dog, Emmanuelle Fournier, Lessard will focus on the benefits of pet therapy. We love dog ! (from 30 September)

With Martin Carli, Pascal Forget, Denis Talbot and Genevieve Tardif, Jean-Michel Vanasse is interested in the cutting edge technology for a fifth season. Planet techno (as of 5 October)

Back for a third season, the formidable Olivier Bernard size in pieces the false truths and beliefs. The adventures of the pharmachien, (from 14 December)